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August 11, 2005


this single mom

I'm 26 and go to a church with a 50 year old pastor who's been married a over 20 years! I can tell you, he's not all that dull and you're right, he doesn't always understand the singles of the church. But the church loves God and it's become my family.

I started searching for a church during an emotionally draining period of my life. I was the young single shy mom who came in looking for Christ. I felt so unwanted at the churches I visited. It was depressing to know that the "the houses of God" barely acknowledged me. One day I noticed a nice little church not far from my house. It looked so welcoming. I worked up the courage to go for a visit. Daunting as it was, I went in to that southern baptist church and attended a service. I walked in and someone noticed that I was new and alone. She let me sit with her family and during the welcome session, introduced me to the some people from the singles group. The effort touched me. In addition to that, somehow, I managed to come on a day when that 50 year old preacher belted out a message that called to something deep within me. I don't really even remember the message now, but the glimpse of Jesus in the heart of that church called me back.

Are they perfect? No. But then again, neither am I. Whether we are Christian or not, we will all sin and fall short of others expectations. I myself have fallend many times even though I've recommited my life to God.

I guess you can say, I was a U4 girl. It wasn't that I didn't believe in God, but due to choices I made, I never went on to learn more about Him. I was caught up in my own world and life until all of my sin caught up with me. I hit a wall and it was a sink or swim situation. God still wanted me and I started swimming towards him. Had some nice little Christian woman tried to get me with the gospel before that, I probably would have politely listend to her while mentally going over my grocery list! But then again, I'll never know.


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