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October 17, 2005


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It sounds like a great opportunity to share the gospel was wasted! Its so tragic to see Christians meaning well, but avoid sharing the true gospel for fear of chasing the listeners away. The question must be asked, that if Christians withdraw the gospel from their message, what is left in their message that is worth hearing?

Natalie Nyquist

Can you give a few examples where you felt this docu-drama was unclear or not open enough in presenting the Gospel?

I thought it was perfectly obvious what caused the change in the Waodoni. It is not meant to give a gospel presentation, but the change could not be attributed to anything else. Speaking as one who is personally aquainted with Steve Saint, Frank Drown, and others who worked on this project, I know their goal was to persent the history as accurately as possible. There were no other agendas.


Thanks for your comment, Natalie. I'm glad you have the pleasure of knowing Steve and the others who worked on this project. They obviously invested years in it, and their hard work does pay off in an interesting and compelling production. I am so glad for the amazing work they have done in Ecuador and I praise the Lord for it! But in an increasingly biblically illiterate society, one can't assume unbelievers understand that missionaries bring clear Gospel teaching along with their commendable humanitarian efforts. Since that wasn't spelled out in this documentary--and by design, according to other interviews--viewers could infer many reasons for the change in that tribe. As the daughter of a pilot, I was fascinated by the sequence of the Waodanis learning to fly and maintain a plane. I would have liked to have seen a similar sequence in their coming to understand the Gospel, and how to found and maintain a church. So it's a matter of overall editorial emphasis rather than one particular scene.

In reviewing this DVD, however, I hope I am not discouraging people from buying and watching it. I tried to be clear that it is a commendable project. I just disagreed with the goal of minimizing the Gospel in order to appeal to unbelievers. But thanks for visiting my blog!


I don't understand how a story like that can be told without the gospel. Jim Elliott died for the sake of the gospel. It's like producing the Passion of Christ, but leave out all that suffering because, well, it's implied. I don't think so.



It's disheartening to think you believe that the gospel needs to be spelled out to people (non-believers).

People aren't stupid. They realize what this movie is about and what is going on.

This film is truly inspiring. Not because of religious overtones (or undertones, you believe) but because of the sense of community and the effect that it has when people come together.

In my mind, Religion's saving grace is that it believes in community.

Treat others as you should have them treat you. Personally, I don't want to hear that this story has anything to do with religion. I'd rather relish in the fact that men can make amazing changes when they open their hearts to other men.


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