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February 09, 2006


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Jennifer L

Well...on the fun side, in year's past some of the single guys have taken the single ladies out for a dinner of 'friends'. That's always a blast and 'awkwardness' free!

I also enjoy watching the children of my friends so that they can go out that night. I know it's gotta be difficult to find sitters...

Sometimes a bunch of us girls have had a chocolate filled 'girls night' and watched movies!

There's one thing I'm planning for some single chicks this next Tuesday, but...they might read it! That just won't work! :)


I began a tradition several years ago of giving small gifts + cards with encouraging note/scripture/poem to all the single girls in my church. I refer to it as the "Valentine's Day Bandit" because the first year was done stealthily. After the secret was out, I just continued the tradition. Even several mothers of the girls have commented about how encouraging it was to them... over the years, I've given them single white roses, heart shaped small boxes of chocolate, chocolate roses and tiny silver picture frames with Prov. 31:30 in them. I'm still brainstorming about this year, but I'm leaning towards small teddy bears... the only negative reaction I've ever received on this tradition was from a single guy who thought it was stupid. And then he stole the idea to bless all the young ladies in his church. :)

Also this year our campus group is doing a Valentines' Day outreach. We will be going out for dinner and going to play walleyball... our unofficial slogan is "Don't Wallow At Home; Walley With Us!".. it's a fun way to get out, spend time with others and spread the love of Christ.

Angela J

To “sweeten the pot” of creative Valentine’s Day ideas, here is one that the Lord gave to me several years ago. I, too, resisted my “gift” (to steal from Carolyn) of singleness especially around this love “inflated” holiday. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried to “survive” emotionally on Valentine’s Day, my selfish feelings were only heightened. For instance, if I stayed at home and tried the avoidance approach, then self pity would eventually fester. If I went out with my single girl friends, eventually covetousness would become our tag-a-long companion as we enviously glared at all the couples.

Finally coming to the end of myself, I asked the Lord to help me with this holiday season and to show me how I could CONQUER my emotions on Valentine’s Day. Through prevailing prayers and the Holy Spirit’s promptings, I was led to offer a financially struggling, pregnant couple with a three year old son, my “free” babysitting services so they could spend a relaxing, romantic Valentine’s evening alone. Needless to say, they had a great, much needed “toddler” free evening, but I came out on top as the real “winner.” Not only did the Lord help me to emotionally conquer this holiday, but to this day, my pint-sized man still ranks as my best Valentine date ever! :)


Well, last year when I wasn't technically single, I thought how cool it would by if my then-boyfriend and I did something for the singles next Valentine's Day. Well, things didn't work out and I am, once again, one of those singles! :)

So what? I decided I could do it by myself!!! :) I decided to host a singles-only Valentine's day party, complete with invitations and all. The invitations have made it abundantly clear that there will be no matchmaking or pairing, etc. It is merely an opportunity for us to have a good time together while couples are having a good time together.

I have decorating and catering ideas and have also requested everybody to bring a single friend (if they can) and also a very small Valentine-themed gift wrapped in a specific identical way. This way, nobody will be sitting at home bored, no guys will be complaining about having nothing to do, and everybody will go home with a Valentine present. :)

And the majority of the singles are quite excited and looking forward to it...is *anybody* in my neck of the woods feeling sorry for themself this year?!?! :)

Melinda P

My sister and another lady in the church decided to put together a “singles cocktail party” revolved around the theme of God's Love. Last Sunday we picked names to do a gift exchange during the party…the only catch is that each gift has to be hand-made. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the guys pull this one off!!

From homemade invitation to buying decorations and picking out the perfect movie to finish off the night, these two ladies have been hard at work planning this whole event and seeking to honor the Lord through it. Everyone is really looking forward to seeing who picked who and what silly gifts were made, but mostly we're all just expect to see what God has in store for us that night and how we can grow in our love for Him.

*This event will take place tomorrow evening so that our Valentines Night will be open to serve in babysitting where needed*

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