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March 17, 2006


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Carolyn, thank you so much for posting this! Just last night, a friend and I were talking about this (reasons for marriage)- what an encouragement to read this & to see the similarity to what we were listing as we were talking :-) My friend is currently being courted by a wonderful godly man, and as I've told her many times, seeing their relationship is such a hope-inspiring thing as I see that dreams of marriage to a godly man do come true...
God bless you for your posts here, your book, and your continued encouragement to delight in the Lord...

Jennifer L

Wow! What a lot of work I have to do! What an encouragement to know that God's grace is available for each step of the journey!!


So true! I know that marriage has brought me out of stagnation and really willing/able to give myself fully to someone else. It's also made me see my dependence on God in a greater way. Also, I like what Mark says about a godly marriage not being repressive but beautiful. That is so contrary to how many think about marriage whether single or married...that it is a repressive system. I think much of this thought comes from the concept of sacrifice in marriage and therefore is unwarrented, a product of our self-centered society which views sacrifice, especially on the part of the female, as repressive. But,it can also obviously come from negative models and be warrented.


What a beautiful way of saying that! It sounds very much the way my man says it. He says he has prayed from day one that we'd have a Christ-centered relationship. In my own experience, I believe that God knows what will help mould us to His image, and this is the point of my marriage. He wants us each to know and love Him in ways we wouldn't otherwise.
Thank you for the wisdom you've shared!

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