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May 31, 2006


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What a great picture of you on the plane, Carolyn! Your outfit makes your eyes look very green, and I'm mad that you have fewer fine lines on your face than I do. :) And to that inconsequential comment I'd like to add that I've been loving your blog and going through the back posts for several months now. What I appreciate most is your gracious attitude-- though you want a husband as much as anyone, I never see any bitterness directed against God or men. "Godward encouragement" is a perfect description of your blog, and it's just what this 28-year-old Christian single woman was looking for.
I agree with your comment that, "It is immensely gratifying when men take active notice of things like this and ensure a woman isn't walking alone at midnight." Whether or not there's any romantic interest, I get warm fuzzies when a man treats me in a caring way because I'm a woman.

Scott W. Somerville

Yay, K! (That's Katherine Reynolds, to the rest of you.)

May your 15 minutes of fame last just long enough to make you happy and not long enough to get you embarassed. You rock!


What a great picture of you on the plane, Carolyn! Your outfit makes your eyes look very green ...

She's right. You look gorgeous! :)

I love the photo of the prayer room.

The forthcoming Valley of Vision CD sounds good. I'll see if I can get hold of it in the UK ...


It was great to meet you, too, Carolyn. And I'm glad I got to sneak in an extra meal with you. :) I have a lot of writing to do....

Jennifer L

Carolyn, fear not! I also had quite a few 'embarrassing moments'. In fact, that was one of the first things my friends at home wanted to hear about! Eric and Victor watched me get hit from behind by the revolving door of the Galt House and go flying to the inside of the hotel. They probably thought I was crazy and pitied me when I laughed so hard I could barely stand up. Megan said that is why I'm still single...I'm choosing to believe it's cuz God is still Sovereign! ; )

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