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June 06, 2006


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» Scripture for the Week: 1 John 2:15. from The Great Separation
Striving forward in the Word. - This past week I became rather intrigued by this post title from Carolyn McCulley of Solo Femininity, Male and Female: Celebrating the Difference. Carolyn wrote: ...one of the best messages you will ever hear [Read More]



What a blessing of a post. I love that you wrote about this topic. At our church a few years ago, our pastor's wife had an epiphany: the women of the church only had the men of the church to model themselves after. She realized that she needed to be that role model for the women, to be women. Since then, we have started a series called "Life-Giving for Women" and it's all about the wonderfulness of being a woman, celebrating it and learning to walk as a Woman of God, not a woman acting like a man of God. I have been blessed with wonderful female leaders at my church and it's a blessing. Again, thanks.

If you have time, I recently started a blog as a single Christian woman. It's more of a journal, funny story kind of blog, but it has been a wonderful, stretching experience for me. Thanks for leading out in this area. God Bless

Grace Petitmermet

Hello Carolyn,

Your last point about guys standing when a girl enters into a room reminds you that you are a woman has given me the answer to the question, "why must guys do simple almost silly things for girls?" So when a guy does these things for me I shall remember I am a woman. Also I have a greater purpose to teach my brothers why it is important to do these gentlemen services.

Thank you for serving us by writing this blog, speaking and writing the book that has opened my eyes anew to the gospel and who God is.


I do appreciate the courtesy intended in these sorts of gestures, but they don't really mean much to me.

Pursuing meaningful biblical fellowship -- inter or intra gender is hard work. Could it be that we sometimes substitute formal courtesies for genuine biblical fellowship and then congratulate ourselves on genteel relationships with the other gender? Is God satisfied with that?

I'm not insulted or bothered by the formal courtesies in which the Mahaney's are seeking to instruct Chad. Nor do I notice when they are left undone. But they don't substitute for genuine biblical fellowship or relational respect between Christian brothers and sisters.

Brothers and sisters ought not fear to engage each other and challenge each other and dialogue with each other and encourage each other and serve alongside each other.

Blessing each other is not a mere function of conforming to certain social niceties that were common at one point and have persisted to some extent. If someone wants to show respect or regard form me as a woman (or a person, for that matter), perhaps they ought take the time to find out what would bless me in that way. And I ought do the same for my brothers.

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