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June 02, 2006


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» marriage odds improve from the view from her
Twenty years ago this week, Newsweek published a cover story titled, "The Marriage Crunch," predicting long odds for women ever marrying if didn't happen in their twenties. The odds for marriage dropped further for a woman at age 30, and were only five pe [Read More]



I read this article last night before I fell asleep, and as an almost 27 year old single female, it was encouraging. Thanks for the scripture you shared. It was also uplifting.


You just made my morning. :)

But it's amazing how easily my spirits perk up simply because of something that Newsweek says! As you say: it's just numbers. Far better, as you point out, to put our ultimate trust in Romans 8:38-32 ...

Jeannie Harvey

I am a married woman, but frequent Carolyn's blog quite often. Just wanted to offer some encouragement... I was single until I was 42 and while I hoped I would marry one day, I too faced the challenge of living every day with that hope deferred. I am here to say, 7 years later, that it was very much worth the wait for God's person in God's timing.

Joanna Martens

You said that you do not endorse deliberately-delayed marriage...what do you mean by that? Do you personally don't agree with people who hold off marriage for personal reasons, depending on those reasons? Do you have any resources that talk about this subject?
Thanks! I love your blog!


That was very encouraging, thank you.

And Jeannie, THANK YOU for sharing your story. You give me hope.

Carolyn McCulley

Joanna, by using this phrase I am giving a nod to the analysis and arguments made by those who are concerned about the rising age of first-time marriages and the reasons behind this. Focus on the Family's Boundless publication (boundless.org) has written a lot on this, as has Dr. Mohler (albertmohler.com). I would refer you to those sites for further reading. But in a nutshell, what I mean is those who postpone marriage to pursue self-centered pursuits and emulate the world's thinking, rather than biblical thinking, on the value and importance of marriage. Hope that helps!

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