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July 12, 2006


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Evers Ding

A little research shows that the video you're talking about is not yet available for purchase. I found this on my local PBS station:

Naked Planet Specials
Ayers Rock, The Dead Sea, The Everglades, The Grand Canyon, Kilimanjaro, Niagara Falls
Producer: Wall to Wall Television
London, England
Website: none
Email: none
Video: not available


Sunny England...? I hope your not expecting any sun!! Its currently very cloudy here in the UK..there is a bit of sun, but it likes to hide. hehe

Enjoy your trip!!


Hope you enjoy your trip to the United Kingdom. I visited there and loved it. If your schedule allows check out Oxford. It is a beautiful campus and just think of the greats that have been there like C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. The Lake District is so beautiful and Beatrix Potter's home is charming. If you can get to Edinburgh, be sure to check out the great Scottish Reformer John Knox's house. There is so much to see I hope you have a great trip!
I am in MD this summer visiting family and plan to visit your church this Sunday. I'm sorry I will miss you. Keep up the great work!

Glenn Piper

Hi Carolyn,
Do you know where in England and Wales you will be visiting during your stay in my beautiful country?
I have had the privilege on several occasions to not only travel extensively in Israel, but to have sent extended times in and around the Dead Sea & Masada.
The experience of floating in the Dead Sea is truly unigue. I also found that no matter how much people tell you about floating in the Dead Sea it doesn't spoil it because it has to be experienced first hand.
Enjoy your time in England.


Well, I am in beautiful South Devon this weekend, staying with friends. Last week I was at Lee Abbey, one of my favourite places in the world as I've had some very special times with God there - it's a lovely Christian community and conference centre on the stunning North Devon coast (on a clear day you can look across to the coastline of South Wales!)

The weather has been getting better and better, so let's hope the sun keeps shining on you during your stay, Carolyn. :)


i just recently visited in england, but hope to return for a longer while next time. i'm sure you're enjoying being there, and for such a great reason. hope to see photos, too.

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