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December 19, 2006


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Amber Harrington

"modesty mishaps (didn't I pack that cami?!)"

That is hilarious! What would we do without cami's?? I think I wear one every other day. A modest girl needs a good collection of camis--or at least a black, white, brown, and tan one!

Also, I agree with your packing habits. There are just way too many things that could go wrong NOT to pack extra outfits, etc.

Alisha J

I travel frequently with the ministry I'm invovled in. A very wise older women told me when I first came on the staff that I should have two of every toiletry I need. One for travel and one for at home. I have the extra set, always packed in a makeup or travel bag. That way you never forget your toothbrush or shampo.
I have a second set of everything except make-up because that's too expensive to have two of. It saves time packing and I forget stuff a lot less than I use too.
MaryKay has a great roll-up bag that holds fullsize products. I think it has 4 or 5 seperate pockets. That's what I keep mine in.


A mini water bottle, organic granola bars or a ziplock baggie of almonds, a banana, lip balm, and a tiny copy of the Book of Common Prayer are good carry-on items too!


Never throw away old undergarments at home. Save things until they're almost at the end of their usefulness, then wash them and put them in your suitcase for your next trip. Then wear them on your trip and throw them away as you go. Take a few sandwich bags to put items in for discreet discarding--especially if you're staying in someone's home.
The result: less dirty laundry to haul back home.

Jennifer L

Yeah, I also am notorious for packing more than I need. I often come home with several tops I never wore - but a few of my friends did! :) I agree with Alisha that it's WAY helpful to have two of everything....Note: do not forget eyeglasses!! I only have one pair and wear contacts except at bedtime. I often forget to pack them - it must be quite hilarious to watch me try to make it from the bathroom to the bed. : )

Merry Christmas, Carolyn!!!


good reminder on having paperwork all lined up in case of emergencies...it is also a good idea for someone to know where banking, investment, bill payment information and internet passwords can be found just in case there are long term needs...ah my friends tell me i have oco- obsessive compolsive overpacking syndrome...it's true...

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