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August 10, 2007


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I sponser a girl my age (17) in Ethiopia, through Compassion International. I was wondering, is there a "better" organization to donate to, in you opinion? World Vision or Compassion? I know they are both great, though! :-)

Melissa Hastings

I thought I might tell you I adopted a little girl through World Vision named Melissa in Peru. We're going on about 5 years now at least. I have received letters from her mother and was told they pray for me. I just sent her a birthday card through World Vision. I get reports on how well she is doing and what kind of stuff she is learning. It is encouraging to read. They send you pictures too. If somebody is thinking about doing this, go for it! If you buy a home, part of your donation can be reimbursed at tax time.


You can also support children (girls and boys) through Gospel For Asia's Bridge of Hope program. 100% of what you give goes to the child! www.gfa.org


This is a new perspective for me. I have been in and around international adoption for years. In the adoption arena, girls have it made. (Something like 6 to 8 girls are adopted for every boy.) I never thought about the girls like your post has led me to, maybe a little willful ignorance on my part. I have some thinking to do. Thank you.


Just wanted to say that I received my fisrt letter from the girl I sponser in Ethiopia, and it totally made my day! I thank the Lord that he led me to Compassion, to sponser a child (17 yrs.).


When I was a child, I sponsored a little girl in India, then later one in Haiti. Since then, my giving had been to organizations rather than individuals...until I read to your post this morning. God kept bringing this to my mind all day and has blessed me financially recently. All this to say that I will now be sponsoring a little girl from Uganda through Compassion International. Thanks so much for letting God use you to lay this on my heart!


Thank you for your post! God used it to remind me of my desire to sponsor a child once I could afford to commit to do so. As soon as I read your blog, I actually did go and sponsor a child through Compassion International - a little girl who has the same birthday I do - that way I will always remember her special day and be thankful for the fact that I can celebrate with her and help in a small way. Thanks for your faithfulness in posting what God has on your heart and doing what you can to raise awareness for this and other good ministries and causes.


Thanks, Carolyn. I have had this on my heart for a while now, but have neglected to be intentional. Thank you for reminding me. I am making a goal to sponsor a child within the next month and will ask my care group tonight to hold me accountable. If I can spend $30 or more a month on my hair, I can certainly help a child. I was just reading from Randy Alcorn that if you want your heart to belong somewhere, pour your time and finances into that area (Matt. 6:21). I say I have a heart for missions and children.....I'm going to put more money where I want my heart to grow,


Thanks for reminding me that the pangs of longing for children can be subsided by giving to others. I just sponsored Dina from Zimbabwe. ;o)

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