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May 15, 2008


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Carrie Allen

Thanks so much for all of your updates! I am loving every story, every picture, and every thought! Praying for you guys out there!

Beth Wangari

Hey sis! Thanks for that it was really encouraging to see how you guys are ministering in addis.Looking forward to learning more.

One thing caught my attention though-the comment that seeing so much poverty makes one want to scoop the kids and get them out, as is already happening. I know you meant well + my own sinful pride could be coming into play, but sis do you think you could be driving in a stereotype? Having been born and bred in Kenya, africa, I am not for one minute pretending that we do not have levels of poverty that are appalling and reflect the falleness of this world. But I also know that we face so many stereotypes+ well meant efforts that can and sometimes have, made things worse...

After the Maddona baby adoption saga, I got to know other couples in England who wanted to go out, grab an African kid and come back and one did. Obviously, that child will have a much better chance economically, but how about those left behind?how about the kids parents?How about that kid's cultural network?Western countries can be v cold countries to live in, in more ways than one.Isn't it better to improve standards within the community?and even then to do so in a way that does not take away the dignity of those living there?I type this with tears in my eyes-for the reminder that Jesus has solved our greatest problem,[AMEN!]and met our greatest need[AMEN!] and yet injustice exists, but that will also one day be wiped away. One day there will be no more hunger, or sickness or disease or death and He will wipe every tear!..

Those are genuine questions, and even though i have a lot left to understand, I understand that i am the greatest sinner i know. So please do correct my thinking if you need to...The last thing I would want tho, is for someone to read your post and think 'let's get as many African kids out of Africa coz its so appalling'...thanks for all your encouraging posts!



What an incredible sounding journey. We will be traveling to Addis Ababa this summer (Lord willing) be pick up our adopted son. I am anxious to see this beautiful land. May God bless your time there.


it's wonderful to hear about your trip to addis! I was there in the summer with a friend, helping out wycliffe bible translators. seeing your pictures and reading your comments about "e'shi" brought back many memories. thanks for the tip-off about the fistula hospital film, I'm hoping to go back there for a medical elective next summer. i'll be sure to chack out the sovereign grace church then too! have a great trip! ruth x

Dee Stewart

Great blog. Glad I found it.

Mrs. U

I have so enjoyed reading about your time in Addis. My heart is drawn to the people there and I appreciate all that you share.

I will pray for you and the fellow Christians traveling with you!

Mrs. U

Carolyn McCulley

Beth Wangari ... thanks for this feedback. It's always helpful to hear how your words affect others--especially the words written late at night in a hurry. I can see how you could have interpreted this as a "get the kids out of Africa" comment, but I really meant them as deep burden for helping them. When you see these children singing, playing, and flirting with the camera, it's so refreshing to know they are happy. But when you see them with economic and health needs, I think it's an instinct to want to do something. As a childless woman, I especially feel that burden to do something when I don't have anyone else to care for. So my comment about wanting to take them all home was based more in that helping category. The adoption comment was an after-thought. But certainly there are a number of fatherless children here--that's why our church is starting this sponsorship program. But I do appreciate you adding this perspective because it's helped me to reflect on my words and approach!


Beth, sasa dada! Appreciate your comment. Where in Kenya are you (or are you originally from Kenya but living elsewhere)?

Carolyn, thanks again for sharing about your trip in Ethiopia. Thanks for all the work you are doing with the video crew and how you are celebrating God's grace in our brothers lives on how they are blessing others--that's most encouraging (and not surprising) to hear and definitely affects me and causes me to praise God--so thanks for that. Glad to see the Lord is faithfully ministering to you all as you seek to minister to others.
In Him,

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