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July 23, 2008


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With the exception of the cave, the lads seemed to have forgotten two essential things while ironing... electricity and technique. ;-)


The fact that,

"It would be the first Olympic sport in which the athletes did not use their real names. In order to avoid the ridicule of our peers"

says it all. :-) Thanks for the laugh!


This was hilarious!


Ironically, this seems less hard on the iron than the traditional grill-cheese-on-an-iron dorm room technique . . .

Jenna Watts

Hmm...well I don't think that should count, what with the iron not being plugged in...


Too funny!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this! Hard to believe its real hahahaha


Wow! Words are failing me at the moment. Someone's got to have too much time on their hands...I agree with Andrea, technique was a little off. ;)

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