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September 25, 2008


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Emily Davis

These scones look so good! We really do need to do tea for Christmas.



Haha! I am English and have been reading your blog for a while, and I felt I HAD to comment on this!! I also love clotted cream. I do love English afternoon teas in general, which my parents and I have every so often. Cornwall does do some of the finest Cream teas though.
Do you put the jam on the scone first or the cream? Thats the big question! haha :)

Jennie Altstadt

Oh, the joys of clotted cream! I loved reading this article; it brought back fond memories. My husband and I have visited Cornwall twice--in '04 and this past April. (If you love Cornwall, check out cornwallcam.co.uk for beautiful photos, updated almost daily.) We've learned to make do with Double Devon Cream from Whole Foods since we couldn't figure out how to get tubs of Rodda home with us, but there's nothing like the real thing in the real place...preferably looking out over some body of water on one of those perfect Cornish days!


Delicious post and beautiful picture...
greeting from Spain


A couple of books on tea which I have give recipes for mock clotted cream, one of which has whipped cream with a little cream cheese, sour cream and sugar added in. The other recipe sounds more like the real thing: you use buttermilk heated with heavy cream and left to curdle slightly before refrigerating. Personally, I think you could do better with getting some good quality unsalted butter, softening it a little, and stirring in some heavy cream.

By the way, have you ever tried English clotted cream ice cream? It is wonderful too for the same reasons that their cream is so good!


Hi, and thanks for the nice comments on my clotted cream story in the Washington Post. I seem to have lots of fellow clotted cream fans! If you want to see photos of other tea adventures I've had, go to www.BeenThereAteThat.com and search for "tea"



I've read your blog for a few months without comment, but I had to laugh at this post! 15 years ago I flew British Airways to London, and had my first taste of clotted cream. I asked the flight attendant (in my cream-induced stupor), "What IS this stuff?" She, of course, looked at me as though I were an idiot, but answered me question anyway. Mmmmmmmm.

Rebecca Stewart

I'd never had clotted cream, but after reading this post, I was motivated! I managed to find some in the international foods section at my local Wegmans. I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to what you can get in Cornwall, but I'm hooked!

Mrs. U

I LOVE this post!!! I'm a huge tea fan, too, and would love to learn more about your tea travels!!

Thank you for sharing the link to the wonderful article "Getting Creamed in Cornwall". For years, my English friends have ranted about how delightful clotted cream is and I've been dying to try the REAL thing!! This article only makes me want to try it even more! Surely, one day my husband and I will visit beautiful England and I will finally find out!!

Mrs. U

Sarah Pasalich

Hey Carolyn!

I'm just getting caught up on all your writing! Thanks for being so faithful to live radically for Christ! you're such an example to me:)

Reading on clotted cream...Mike and I had our first encounter this past weekend on a day trip to an abby in the welsh country side...Delish! So much so in fact that I could feel my arteries clog as I consumed it:) You'll have to come visit while we're here and enjoy somemore!

Hope you're doing well...

Love from Mike and Sarah

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