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September 22, 2008


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Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn. I appreciate your pointers as I hope to take part in leading and facilitating something similar soon! I found your "process notes" for the Intro section particularly helpful.

I too have a "Titus 2 heart" and am seeing a growing desire for cross-generational interaction in my church. I am so encouraged. :)


"In this meeting, we look at why we need to pursue spiritual disciplines for growth. We look at each of the disciplines in an in-depth manner, including meditation, personal worship solitude/retreats, journaling, prayer, Scripture memory, fasting, and confession."

Carolyn, I love reading your blog and I thank you for the valuable insights that you provide to women. I have to admit though, that I giggled to myself when I read this bit. I know what you meant, but after studying spiritual disciplines for 2 years in my small group (2 different small groups, both for the express purpose of studying spiritual disciplines, although I didn't know that about the 2nd one until I was already committed in my mind), to cover it all in one meeting in an "in depth manner" just makes me smile.

If your girls are feeling discouraged by spiritual disciplines at any point, tell them that a spry 24 (almost 25 thankyouverymuch)-year-old, with all the time in the world on her hands, still really stinks at spiritual disciplines. I'm growing, and that's what counts, but I'm definitely not the picture of someone that's been studying for 2 years.

Spiritual disciplines are indeed, a life-long thing. :)


PS Thanks for posting your guys' "curriculum"! I'll be looking into it. Haven't read the Donald Whitney book on discipline yet (suprisingly!), but I do have it and it's on my list of books to read.

Carolyn McCulley

You're right, Jen! Thanks for catching some lazy writing there. I'm glad I could make you giggle, but I do appreciate your gentle correction. It would have been more accurate to say, "an overview" of each discipline. Blessings on your studies!

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