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October 29, 2008


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It's always a blessing when you can find some family history.

My real fascination with this post is,.........where in Nebraska were churches planted by Samuel Dean?

Nebraska native.


What a wonderful story -- and wonderful heritage of faith and faithfulness.


That is a stunning and rich story. What an example of Christ in these men and women.

Like Fritz, I want to know where in Nebraska Samuel planted churches.

Another Nebraska native.


Hi Carolyn,

It's so interesting that you posted this yesterday. After running into lots of obstables with the whole ecofeminism thing I have change the direction of my thesis research and am now focusing on the role of women in the early Southern Baptist missions movement. I'm finding so much cool stuff and it's so neat to know that your great great great grandmother was part of that whole movement!



Carolyn McCulley

Good questions, friends! I don't know where these churches were planted in Nebraska. I'm sure it's in the family journal, but I'll have to wait until I next get my hands on it to look up this information. Much appreciate your interest, though!

susan neely

Thanks so much for sharing your family history.
My own Mom and Dad gave their lives in the Lord's service, and I am writing up their memoirs. I was a widow with a small son when my parents were serving in Hong Kong. They were about to come back to the states when my Dad contracted leukemia. So their return to the states was in order for my Dad to go to be with the Lord. He was on a ventilator for the last few days of his life, but he was able to write his last thought for my Mom. "I am rejoicing", he wrote. My Mom went back to hong Kong periodically, and I still have communication with some of their "Chinese children". Unfortunately, my Mom got Alzheimers about 7 years before her death so her autobiography has some holes in it. Urge your readers to be proactive about collecting information on living relatives.
It is so important to pass it on to others. We constantly hear about people such as Judson, Mueller and even Harriet Beecher as if they were the only people who ever gave their whole lives to the Lord. In reality, that is how we all should live. There are examples and mentors all around us if we would just open our eyes.



As a single widow in that era, traveling to India and living and ministering there as a missionary, she WAS a feminist for her times. She went against all traditional cultural and moral values in her decision. I thank God for these women who continue to buck traditional Christian expectations for women and leave home to serve God alone in foreign countries.

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