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October 22, 2008


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Staci at Writing and Living

I won't rebuke you for being proud of your Bible, since I've been struggling with coveting everyone and their ESV Study Bibles. :)


Sounds like a great session. Would you mind sharing some of your methods and tools for personal devotions? I'm always curious about how other Christians approach their time with God.

Tara Barthel

Preach it, sistah!

I LOVE hearing your affirmation of just how GOOD it is to be a member of a church that disciplines her members. (I, for one, am desperate for it.)

I'm sure you've probably already read it--but just in case your readers might have missed it, there's a great article in The Journal of Biblical Counseling on this topic (by a former staff member of Ken Sande's organization, Peacemaker Ministries). I found a link online at: http://www.metronorthpca.org/documents/ChurchDisciplne-JBC.pdf

Thanks again for helping us all to grow in grace, Carolyn!

Yours fondly,
Tara B.

Molly (Routson) Friesen

Hey Carolyn, thanks for the mention of Ken's message on church discipline -- it's so rare to hear people talk about it in a positive context. But as you noted, it's such an important part of our discipleship, part of a healthy, holistic and biblical understanding of what the "fellowship of the saints" is all about. Thanks for sharing your d-group with us!

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