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October 24, 2008


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Barry Wallace

What a great story! Thanks for pointing it out.


Thanks Carolyn, and for your willingness to speak and write about the issue.
I'm not sure if you're aware, but in Victoria, Australia, Parliament recently passed a law allowing abortion up to 24 weeks on the recommendation of 2 doctors.
I was grieved when female public and political figures were triumphant after the passage of the legislation - that somehow a "victory" had been won "for women". The assumption seemed to be that all women would be happy about this law, that it being demanded by all women. Not by me, nor by friends of mine - of all political and religious perspectives (including the atheists I know and love).
Some of the speakers against the changes to the law, quite rightly in my view, questioned how a law allowing abortion of a 6 month old developing baby could be called "reform".

I might be regarded as a beneficiary of feminism - university educated, single, own my own home... all by the grace of God. I'm glad for feminism's victories in allowing women equal access to opportunity in work and life. But this sort of change is not pleasing to me and is not done in my name. Frankly, it's going to change how I vote.


This is excellent. We have gotten so used to hearing abortion referred to as "women's issue" - indeed, to many leftists, the only women's issue that matters. Palin -- and hopefully women like me -- illustrate that you can be radically pro-life, be respected by your spouse and successful in the workplace (if that is the path you choose) and not even sacrifice your femininity in the process.

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