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October 12, 2008


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Staci at Writing and Living

I got to watch John Piper on the live stream. It was excellent. I have the rest on my iPod. I listened to the first part of Mary Kassian's talk while I was waiting for the soccer game to start. I'll fit the rest in there soon. It sounds like a wonderful, and important, conference.


I was one of those who watched (as much as she could without completely neglecting her family!) the live stream. It was such a treat for me to be able to join in the singing, as my husband and family and I are serving in Chile, and only visit Australia every 3 years. I really miss corporate singing in English!! The talks really encouraged me to be joyful and grateful for the opportunity to live with a Biblical view of womanhood, not just compliant(!). I was encouraged to keep teaching the radical truth in a culture which has told women that they can do it all. Family, career, beauty, friends, God are all squeezed into not enough time, and the society is in crisis. I really enjoyed the panel discussion on Sat am too. I loved your honesty and the encouragement of seeing that real women struggle with many of the same issues as me but are also working at joyfully submitting to God's way. Thanks so much for your work and your blog. They are a great encouragement to me as I seek to serve God's church here in Chile. Your sister in Christ, Jo Charles

Heather (Paulsen) Patenaude

It was great to see you and hear from you at TW. What an amazing weekend!

It would have been nice to meet.

God bless!


I only was able to listen to the last part of the conference. (The paneldiscussion and a part of the closing meeting) But my heart was jumping from joy and expectation. The sentence 'maybe God brought you the kingdom for such a time as these" stuck in my head the whole evening. It made me so glad to know that God, out of all the moments in history, has chosen to let me be born and live now in these times. It made me excited and wondering Gods purposes for us as woman.
Thank you so much Carolyn for being a part of Gods worktools in shaping my toughts and life. God has spoken to me throug your first book that I just have finished reading. Altough I feel rather alone I know God is mighty and behind the scenes working out His perfect plan in other peoples lifes too... In his time He will bring everything together for something beautifull that glorifies Him.



I, too, blogged a bit about the conference as a whole. This weekend was nothing short of AMAZING.

It was great seeing you, as I had the pleasure of floor-sitting during the first breakout session! It's very encouraging to see singles living life in Christ to the full instead of constantly musing over marriage (which, though a God-glorifying institution, doesn't eclipse God's roles for those who aren't married).

Hopefully I'll get a chance to check out your book soon!


Heather Loritts Trotter

I hate that I missed it, but I will definitely be listening to the mp3's. My mom, Karen Loritts, said that she had a wonderful time speaking and getting to share with the others there.


I was at the conference!! I am still trying to process all that I heard. What an amazing weekend. I had the privilege of being in your Radical Womanhood seminar and being able to purchase your book. I was saved out of a similar background and it was great to hear all that I believe in reaffirmed. Thank you for your ministry and your website. They are both a blessing.


I watched quite a bit of the live feed--forgot it the first night, but after that I was glued to it. :-) I especially appreciated hearing Joni Tada. What an uplifting and convicting talk she gave!


I was at the conference, and what a blessing it was. I agree with you - it certainly was a meaty weekend. No breaks! I was blessed and stirred by every message, and the worship was authentic and so meaningful.

I will be praying through the verses of the manifesto for all of us "True Women", and would encourage others to do so as well, so that we can make an impact and glorify Him.


i had the amazing privilege of being able to attend the true woman conference and it was, to say the least, life changing. at a time in my life when i felt like God was putting so much on my heart when it came to my role as a wife, a mother, a friend, and a child of God it was confirmed in my Spirit that even though the rest of the world that i was completely backwards, i was actually doing and being what God had called me to be!!!!! it was so refreshing and validating to know that i'm not alone! i was amazed at how many other women were on the same page with me and that i wasn't a freak! that may sound harsh but i really was starting to feel like i must be wrong to be so counter-culture! and i was so uplifted by the other women who were strangers to me but man, i've never been around so many women with the gift of encouragement! it really was a lifechanging weekend and i'm so very blessed that my dear mom {who is one of my best friends} was able to be there with me... she tried to get into your radical womanhood session but it was too full {so she went and immediately bought your book-- which i will be borrowing from her!} it was so great to see you in person {although i didn't actually get to meet you}, i have really enjoyed reading your blog and have encouraged my friends to read it too {they too love it!} thank you for your insight, your honesty, and your wisdom... we need more women in the world like you and the rest of the women speakers who were at the conference to speak out the Truth to our world! thank you again and God bless!
:) jenn


yes, was a good conference. :) looking forward to getting the cd's of everything.


I was able to sit in my living room and watch the conference live on Friday night and Saturday morning. I sat and cried at how God was moving in my heart and yet I was so many miles away! I too signed the manifesto and was challenged on so many levels...especially when Joni said "yield to the chisel!" This is something that is not always fun but ALWAYS beneficial.

I also enjoyed Tim Challies and his live blogging. VERY funny!

Carol Hobbs

I'm so anxious to read Radical Womanhood. I too was at True Woman. God did so many things in my heart. So much of "Christianity" is shallow. Wimpy. But True Woman was rich and meaty. Very much NOT wimpy. :o) Thanks for being a True Woman. . . for such a time as this! c.

Nicole Mueller

Oh my goodness oh my goodness.. I am SOOO excited that they have posted all the sessions online, and for *free* even! I was so bummed that I could not make this event, but October was just a very busy month for my family and it couldn't happen. But I am so excited, I am downloading the sessions as I speak, and am glad to see that the call to join the movement is extending past those who were able to attend in person. Thanks for providing all the links and I will be *sure* to pass on to friends and family the links as well.

God Bless,



I was able to watch on Thursday and Friday night. It was such an encouraging and powerful blessing! On Friday night I was down because I had to travel the next day. But how uplifting it was to watch the messages - I felt so much better afterwards! :)
I enjoyed to read about your experiences there and in particular about the parts I missed. Thank you! Great to hear that the messages can be downloaded for free! :D

Jini Keasling

How can I get my hands on your session from True Womanhood. Was it recorded? Can I download it? Can't seem to find it.

Hopeful... Jini Keasling

'Serve the Lord with GLADNESS.' Ps. 100:

Carolyn McCulley

Hi, Jini!

Thanks for asking. My messages are available on CD on the True Woman store, http://www.truewoman.com/?id=217. I don't know if they will be made available on MP3 or not.



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