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October 20, 2008


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thank you so much for posting this. i admit my weakness as i often have thoughts after hearing talk after talk about what my role is as a wife and mom like "so do the men just get to hear about being godly and living the spirit-filled life?" this does make me want to press on in my role as a godly wife. thanks again.


Great post Carolyn,

The mind-set of the tender warrior never changes, but the tools he uses certainly will.

It may mean that we, as men, may need to use everything from :

computers, hammers, phones, & shovels for employment or upkeep, to :

Vaccuums, spatulas, grills/ovens, dish soap to be a servant for our wife & family, to :

Something as simple as our hands and arms to give our family a loving & tender embrace.

Whatever it takes.................

Prairie Chick

This is encouraging. I have been thinking of this lately as well. Satan would just love us to believe, like Elijah did, that we are alone... when there are so many out there who feel the same and are struggling with the same issues. I love your blog!


What a great post and what a lovely comment by Fritz. Wish my ex-husband thought like this - he might never have abandoned his family. :-(

Love your blog! God bless you.


Both men and women should be trained and mentored in living for the glory of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Learning how to live out roles, to the extent that it is important at all, is only valuable as an application of that larger vision -- of living for God's glory.

The problem is that our churches can get to the point where all women hear about is what to DO to be a good girl instead of being reminded of who our God IS and who we are as His daughters and image-bearers.

This man's advice to the younger father is most valuable - not because he is a man but because he is teaching him to lay aside his rights and be a servant. That is a primary Christian value for both men and women - though occasionally the application varies.

Patti Blount

I remember hearing Robin, Dr. Phil's wife, once say that when she was growing up her Dad told her brothers that their job was to help their Mom and sisters know how valued they were. Even though I don't know if she is a Christian, I remember thinking that this sounded right in God's eyes. Most Christian men don't get this mentoring; sad, but true, and so the women and the marriage suffer. Another "revelation" which could possibly speak to the men about this from the Scriptures is where it says that we love Him(Jesus) because He first loved us. The relationship between a husband and his wife should reflect the one between Jesus and His Bride. We, as wifes, need that overflowing love from our husbands to flow to us, so that we can reciprocate. Doesn't everthing flow from the head (Head) down? Where are the men willing to swallow that pride and self-absorption to do and teach these things to each other? Thank goodness for this one you have posted about.

Brook (Matt5verse6)

Wow-wee-wow. Another fantastic post. I'm very thankful! I sure do pray a godly man will come along side my husband and give him some wonderful encouragement like this!

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