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March 19, 2009


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Frugal Trenches

Yes please! I'd love to read & review :)


Our online book club (


I would like a book to review!

Tracy Mickle

My husband reviews books for a number of publishers and he has recently gotten me involved as well. I love to read and write and have actually really enjoyed the challenge of reviewing books. I have your book on my Amazon Wish-List and would love the opportunity to review it!


I'd love to review a copy on my blog, Carolyn! thanks!


Is the offer open to overseas readers of your blog? I'd definitely love to read it and review for you!!

Teresa Feil

Thank you for your dedication to write this book. I have been looking for just the right word to give to my daughters about their roles as women and wives. This will be an excellent source to use as I try to tread the waters of teaching them.
in faith
Terri Feil


I would love to review "Radical Womanhood" on my blog! Please send me a copy of the book (if it's still available). Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Vanessa T.
1926 W. 41st St.
Kearney, NE 68845

Dorah Rice

You probably already have your ten, but I thought I'd give a shout out and see if you have any left...I'd love to post something on my blog about you! In fact, I already have been mulling to myself abut some of these issues over there...but that's because I keep lurking around your wisdom. Don't know if you remember me, but we spent time together back in the summer of 2000, and I have found myself going back to our conversations many times. So even if you don't have a book left, thanks for being so influential in my life!!

(PS to see all my entries, I need to add you as a friend, which I would love to do! But I do have public entries as well--I'd be happy to put a review as public!!)


I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to read this book and write a review on my blog. I have heard good things about it, and I would love to share it with my friends and readers. If you have enough copies, would you please send one to me? Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Bekah Mason

I would love to post a review of your book! I enjoyed your first book and have "Radical Womanhood" on my wish list. This would be a win-win situation for us both. :-)

Janet Leman

OOOh, looking forward to reading this book...wonder if Amazon will mail to India...

Amy Storms

I'd love to review your book on my blog! I read an excerpt on Ungrind and it sounds great. Thanks for the opportunity, and congratulations on your book!

Amy Storms

O. Elfalan

If I'm in time, I'd be willing to participate!


I'd love to publish a review!


I'd like to participate as well, if there's still time. :) Thanks!


Fingers moved too fast. Here's my blog: www.stand-therefore.com.


I would love to publish a review, I do a media monday that covers books,movies,websites etc.

I am also a devoted christian and would love to read this book

Lorrie Brooks
12920 Tophith Rd
Grass Lake, MI 49240

Sara Dekker

I would love to read this book and review it, in fact, my accountability partner and I would probably do it together. Biblical Femininity is something we are trying to grasp. If sending a book to New Zealand is possible, it would be totally great.




Oh, yay, I was quoted twice! (I agree...Google Alerts are great!)

I stand by what I said. =)


I would like to read your book, and I'd be happy to post a review on my blog.


I'd love to review this book. It absolutely looks right up my alley!

Mrs. Taft

I'm sure you've already got your ten, but in case there are any extra, I'd love to review. I plan to read it anyways!

mrstaft AT gmail DOT com


Thanks so much for the link to my review of Radical Womanhood, Carolyn!

If possible, I'd love to offer a free copy of your excellent book to my readers in my upcoming quarterly giveaway.


e-Mom @ Chryaslis

Lydia M.

I'm pretty far down the list here, but I too would love to publish a review!

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