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March 23, 2009


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Doreen T.

Ashley, what a wonderful idea and beautifully written post! Thank you for sharing the idea with us and sharing God's love with each other.


How fun!! What a wonderful way to show love to your family. That is a cute little mailbox, and a wonderful name for the company!



What a great idea! I don't have children, but I love the idea of doing this for my roommates!

Thanks for the post. It's great.



This morning, I received an unexpected gift from a friend. He had traveled out of the country, and when he returned, he sent me an e-mail saying that he picked up a little something for me while he was gone. I'm expecting a post card or the like. Instead, in my department mail box I found a particular kind of candy that I can't find in the US except in specialty shops, none of which are near by. I didn't even remember telling this person how much I like it. I was of course, happy with the present, and I'll savor the candy little bits a the time for quite a while, but what warmed me most was that he remembered such a silly, insignificant thing. This blessing from a friend made my day. We would all do well to remember to practice the little things. Ashley's reminder is timely.


This was so cute. Thank you, Ashley (and Carolyn)!


Dear Ashley,

What a fabulous idea! I love the Love Surprise Mailbox Company.

I also wanted to compliment you on your writing. I teach writing to college freshmen and have read a lot of writing/papers. I can hardly believe that this post was written by an eleven year old. Well done!

Keep up the good work (writing and blessing others).



Hi Ashley,
This is such a great idea! I would love to start something like this. Like Kelli who commented above, I don't have any kids, but it would be great to start with my roomate. Giving little notes or small gifts can be such a blessing, especially if someone has had a difficult day, or it can just start the day off on a right note.
Thanks Ashley!


Hi, Ashley,

What a fantastic idea. You are an amazing communicator and very creative girl. Keep using your gifts to bless others in Jesus' name!



What a well written post! I could never of written something so well at the age of 11!


Great idea Ashley! You also did a fantastic job writing, you seem very mature for your age. Keep up the good work and maybe in a few years we'll all be reading your writings on your own blog. :) God bless!


I am going to go buy a mailbox today. My 3 year old will flip and my 48 year old will too. (hubby).

What a delightful idea.


I love this idea for my family but I am also going to start this in our church with our Womens Group tonight. I just got my mailbox in mail and tonight I plan on starting the idea with one woman and then she can ask the Lord who he would want her to bless and then leave it in the church at the front table with the flag up and the persons name on the outside with dry erase. I totally love this idea. Thank you and God Bless

Missy W.

Thank you Ashley! This is so beautiful. You have encouraged us to use our God-given creativity to show love and be a blessing - what you and your family are doing is pure worship. I so often forget that kindness isn't just some random act for a stranger but should also be intentional blessings within our own family and those who we interact with every day. You have encouraged me so much - thank you!

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)

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