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May 13, 2009


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Laura MacCorkle

Well, as they say in the South: "Any barn looks better painted."

Just make sure we don't spend all day painting our exteriors. :-) There is plenty of stuff to get done INSIDE that is ultimately more important.


Agreed. Beautiful Post!


You're definitely on to something when you say that inner beauty isn't commented upon as much as outer beauty. We're all guilty...even from birth you hear us say, "Oh, what a beautiful baby!" Doesn't mean we shouldn't give compliments on physical appearance, but it shouldn't be the main thing we comment on.


Had an interesting conversation with my BF the other day. He asked me, after much hemming, hawing and provisos that he was not trying to be insensitive, if I loved my body. Trying to be as honest as possible I said, no.... and our relationship is often adversarial. This has both to do with body image issues as well as health issues (chronic knee pain from early onset osteoarthritis).

Right there at the dinner table he asked me if I ever thanked God for my body. By this time I was crying quite a bit. He prayed with/for me, thanking God for how he created me and the gift of my body.

This had a HUGE impact on me. For awhile when we were first dating he was ambivalent about my physical appearance. He told me I was the most beautiful woman (internally) he knew, but he wasn't attracted to me. In the year since God has definitely changed his heart!

God has also used this to change my heart toward my own body. When the negative refrain starts in my head, I start at my feet and thank God for the wonderful gift of my body. This has also transformed my views of food, exercise and dieting. As steward of my body, not owner or creator, my job is to be the best caretaker that I can be. It isn't always easy to live this out, but so much has improved already as the Lord continues to renew my mind regarding my body.

Thanks for the post and sorry for such a long comment:-)

Jody Gates

This message is for any age! I am a wife, mother and pastor's wife, mother of one son and three daughters. As I teach Sunday School and women's Bible studies I have to continually encourage women that men and women were made in the image of God and we need to reflect that image. Inner beauty that reflects the Lord we love I believe shows up in outward beauty. Thank you for this post, I really enjoy your ministry.


What a great reminder. Love your posts. I gave you an award on my blog. You don't have to participate, but just wanted you to know you are AWE-SUMMM!! Thanks for helping me to live a more Biblical Christ honoring life!

mike h

great post Carolyn! :D


Oh boy and this doesn't just haunt those that are overweight either.


I was recently at work and one of the regular customers that I waited on told me that I looked flourishing. She is a very kind woman, and I knew that I was not looking that attractive that day. But I was working on my attitude and being happy with everyone that I waited on. It's quite a hard task when I am a short-tempered red head...

It was really awesome to get that compliment, because it showed me that how I was acting while I was working really did make me look more beautiful.

Ali C.

Okay, I know I'm a month behind on this one, but with the wedding and honeymoon and moving back to Africa, I haven't had a ton of spare time. =) I just wanted to pass on a URL to you - a friend of mine, Meg, who worked with me last year on the ship (also a PICU nurse!) conceived and is carrying out a project she calls "Unbranded Beauty" ... she interviews women and about beauty and then takes their picture and puts it on the internet, and I've been loving following the different perspectives. http://www.unbrandedbeauty.blogspot.com/

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