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June 14, 2009


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Ehem...honestly, I don't speak fluent Czech (so if you want to send it to the first four that actually DO, go ahead), but my family is Czech and though I am a married woman of 25 years, you really are one of my top 10 heroes. So, I thought I'd give it a shot for purely selfish reasons and in case one of my distant family members may want to read it (or, I may just work on my Czech : ).

Alice Ting

Is it too late for me to get a copy?! I'm actually about to go to on a short term mission trip with my church (Lighthouse Bible Church in San Diego) to the Czech Republic!! We're leaving in about 2 1/2 weeks..so i don't even know if i would be able to get a copy in time. But if at all possible that would be soo great!! To be honest, I don't have your book so i've actually never read it..but I am sure it is great and would be especially encouraging to the women at the church in Ostrava that we partner with. We've sent a team every year for quite a few years now and I hear that there's a LOT of Christian girls and a shortage of Christian guys. So i am sure this book would come in handy =) Thank you so much!!


Miss McCulley,

Just get an online version of it and put it through Google translator. ;)

Julie M

Could I get one in Czech too? Thanks so much for your willingness to serve us through writing great, God-centered books.

courtney chow

I will be going to the Czech Republic on Missions this summer as well and will have an opportunity to encourage the ladies at a church there in Ostrava, which we affectionately know as KSOP (http://www.ksop.cz). I would love a copy to encourage the women that I've gotten to minister to the past 2 summer.


Wow, Carolyn I would be glad to have you send my copy of the book to Alice. It sounds like it would be put to better use with her. Thanks!


I have a friend who's a missionary in the Czech republic - I'd love to send her to copy - is there still one available?


Can I have a copy? I would like to keep one in my bookcase, so people will think I know Czech.


Hi Carolyn! I have been a secret fan of your blog for quite a while now. If you still have an extra copy of your book available, I would love to give one to my friend from the Czech republic.


Dear Carolyn, it's exciting to find out that the book is being translated into Russian! Do you know when it will be published?
I read it (the book) in English and it was encouraging to me. I would like to give it to my best friend, who lives in Russia and who does not understand English, but she is similarly single.
May God bless you and help you be His pure child!

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