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July 14, 2009


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Hi, I'm Phoebe and I am a college student studying piano. I read RW the blog because you give such a good cultural perspective. I love it when you address current issues, such as aspects of feminism that you see in the news and in social movements. Thanks so much for Radical Womanhood the book! I already had a very biblical perspective, but it is great to have it as a resource.

Amy Matthews

My name is Amy Matthews and I have been reading only a short time. I am blessed to be encouraged by women who embrace and stand for a biblical view of womanhood. I am a young mother of four babies four and under and I am blessed by any post regarding motherhood or God's plan for a homemaker.

I just finished Feminine Appeal and posted about it on my blog. I wish I had read it years ago and thank you for it.


Hi, I'm Eva from Spain, I'm a houswife (or housmaker?).I'm christian and I like your links particularly, and your point of view about of womanhood. I don't remenber how I arrive here a year ago but I realize that this was a good blog.

A. Erven

I follow your blog, because I love to see a real, lived-out, culturally-relavant biblical woman. You write well and address some serious issues on which I'm usually out of the loop. You keep me up-to-date. You're funny, and follow a lot of the same folks I love to read...Carolyn Mahaney, John Piper, and more. :) Thanks for being great and glorifying the Lord with your blog!

~Mrs. Erven


Hi~ I found you through Sovereign Grace. I was looking there because I feel like I'm past the "warm and fuzzy" "baby steps" of young Christianity and I'm looking for more meat, more substance, more ... more. I'm in the Word, I'm in prayer but I'm also an avid reader and since I'm mostly broke, blogs and websites help fill in the gap to keep me reading spiritually correct stuff.

I'm wife and full-time caregiver to a disabled husband (no challenges there, haha), mom to two teenage boys (they're great kids but -still- YIKES). I was raised by a feminist mom and haven't had the faintest clue about living life as a women in a biblical fashion until recently (say the last six months to a year). I do (mostly) all the things that are required of me in terms of chores/duties but I have failed miserably at doing them BIBLICALLY with the right attitude and joy that serving my family is as serving God.

I still fail at it and often find my negativity overflowing.

Resources and inspiration like yours are JUST what I'm needing.


Hello! I just started following this blog about a month ago although I had heard about Carolyn's books and listen to some of her talks.
I'm from Dominican Republic and teach at a Christian School in Santo Domingo. I follow this blog because my desire is to be a women that serves the Lord and honors her calling and role as a helper.
I'd like to hear about fasting as a spiritual discipline.


I am a married/middle-age/semi-retired/open-nester in the Pacific Northwest. The RW blog has opened the doors for me to many subjects, activities, countries and peoples--all approached with a biblical worldview. The reason that RW is a must-read for me is its excellence in writing. Posts are genuine, reflective, humorous, intelligent and thought-provoking. Womanhood is approached from a solidly biblical, intelligent perspective; there is nothing "air-headed" or "cutesy" about biblical womanhood. Thank you!


My name is Jacqueline. I have an MA in Biblical Studies, my husband is in seminary, and I work for a seminary. But it is lonely being a serious female theologian who is also conservative. I enjoy interacting with the men at seminary, but our campus is less than 5% female.

So I am always hungry for theological insight from other women who are serious about the study of God's Word. Your blog is a mixed bag, which is fine, but I really enjoy the Biblical and/or theological tidbits to give my brain something to munch on. It's also a good spot to find out about other places I can go to keep up with what conservative women are thinking about theologically these days.


I'm a single woman in my late 30's and I read your blog because it is one of the few places I have found that directly encourages single christian women. My desire is to be encouraged to yes, leave my heart open to the possibility of marriage...but way more importantly to pursue Christ always...no matter what gifts are given or withheld.

allyson watt

Hi, my name is Allyson. I go to the Sovereign Grace church in Kingsville, MD and first learned of you and your blog at a NA breakout session - before you wrote your first book. I have since had the pleasure of meeting you on a few occasions. I enjoy all of your content but probably what I appreciate most are still your perspectives on dealing with extended singleness, desire for marriage, navigating friendships and relationships with men, etc. Your wisdom and encouragement in these areas has been helpful to me. Thanks for blogging!


Hi I'm Rachel, I've commented here before, and i think you featured one of my questions once for people to respond to! I just graduated with my masters degree in social work. I am looking forward to starting my career, very possibly in a new town. I think it'd be really neat if you could answer reader questions on a regular basis.

Sarah Puebla

My name is Sarah. I learned of your website via the Family Life today Show that aired your interview with them. Raising two girls (as well as 2 boys)I need as much help as possible teaching them how to navigate in this world with a Biblical Worldview.

Jennifer Hovestadt

My name is Jennifer I am a 34 year old single woman who is really trying to serve God in my singleness... unfortunately my family and some church folks don't seem to think it is possible to be single and thankfully, contentedly so. How do I go about showing this, and how do we train the young children in the church that singleness is a blessing (so that they don't have to go through the years of heartache that I went through learning to be content)?


My name is Sara. I don't remember how I got to your blog (although it wasn't very long ago). I'm a nursing student who just enjoys all the encouragement you post through different stories and such. Being single, it's easy to get down when your friends are starting relationships. Thanks for all the encouragement!


Hi! I am Tami and I've been reading your blog for quite some time now... maybe not all 5 years, but just about as long!

I enjoy reading your blog because I find encouragement in my as-yet-unmarried state; I get a lot out of your ideas for serving others; I love your emphasis on missions; and I appreciate your humility and humor. :) I've also learned about many good documentaries on your site!


I attend Sovereign Grace Church in Illinois. I'm almost 30 and married. I read your blog for a few reasons:
1) I studied and leaned towards egalitarianism in college, then gained a conviction about complementarianism. I always enjoy and benefit from your thoughtful take on feminism and biblical womanhood.
2) My husband leads a small group primarily composed of singles, and your writings have been a great resource for me with the gals in the group. (As a side note, we're trying to grow in the "ministry of the set-up" in response to some of the helpful things you've written on that topic!)
3) We've been battling infertility for close to 5 years, and I find that your writings on suffering, hope deferred, and the trials of extended singleness contain much that I can apply to the trial of extended childlessness.


I'm single by choice, believe I have the gift of celibacy for the sake of ministry, specifically as a "servant of the church" (Rom. 16:1), and currently blessed to be in a wonderful little church in rural Texas. All of my friends are married, and I read this blog for ideas specifically on hospitality and homemaking as a single woman...and for encouragement in the occasions when loneliness strikes.


I don't know how long I've been reading your blog (three or four years?) or how I found it. I'm single in Southern California. Thank you for encouraging single women, especially regarding hospitality. Also, thank you for your book reviews (e.g., My Hands Came Away Red) and movie reviews (many, including Amazing Grace). I love your variety of topics and appreciated your piece about the Sex and the City movie. What do you think about Christian women watching The Bachelorette? Blessings. : )


I'm a grandmother, living in Hawaii, working part-time in our family business, and read your blog to get a biblical, woman's take on current events, issues, books floating in the Christian lake, and even your occasional recipes are enjoyed.


I have been reading your blog for about 3 years now. I don't remember how I first came across it, maybe from Joshua Harris' site.

I am a single thirty-something woman who may have kissed marriage good bye :( I was attracted to your posts because they were informative, realistic and encouraging for Christian women in this life stage. There are so few resources for "older" Christian singles, so your blog has been invaluable to me in providing a biblical and practical perspective on how to live this life.


Hi, I'm Kim. I am a single Christian woman and I'm trying to deal with unwanted singleness. I started a new blog to help me sort through my feelings- it will be interesting to see where that blog is in 5 years. I would love to see you blog more about singleness. It seems as though it's not something you feel a need or desire to blog about anymore? But, if I could have my way, your single readers would benefit from hearing about your journey as a single woman.


I'm a rising college freshman. In contemplating my future, I started thinking about what I might want, esp. marriage-wise. Having been raised by a divorced mother, I'm scared about being married and had been taught some things, esp. about men, that I realize are feministic and unbiblical. I have always struggled with the concepts of submission and biblical femininity and associating that with weak, spineless women who can't be leaders and who sit in silence. Recently, I have started discovering the value of strong biblical femininity, beginning with the book Fight Like a Girl by Lisa Bevere. Her book is amazing; I recommend it to everyone. That spurred me on to see what other conservative Christian, strong women were saying. That includes you:) So anyway, that's why I read your stuff.


I'm Lauren P. and I've only been reading for about a month now. I have yet to read your book, Radical Womanhood, but am looking forward to it. I am a 16 year old student at a public high school and am very involved with my amazing church: Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA. It has been my church since I was born, and it will be sad when or if I depart from it someday. I am gradually realizing that it is totally in God's plan and timing when I get married. It's hard to trust and surrender to God when I desire to marry young, but I know that His way and timing is perfect. All I can do is follow and obey Him and trust in His promises.


Hi, my name is Heather, and I'm about to begin my second year of college and my second year of life as a Christian.

I stumbled upon your blog through some Sovereign Grace links (I believe Josh Harris' website) and have only been reading for a short amount of time.

I began reading your blog because I feel like I have NO idea of what women are supposed to do and be before God. In the past year I scoured the Bible and felt that while most commands are for men AND women, there are many that are just particularly for men, and VERY FEW for just women. It seemed like there was very little in God's word defining what being a woman means and should look like, particularly in contrast to men. I realized that my understanding of femininity came from a mixture of the world's warped views of male superiority and militant feminism. But there seems to be very little information out there about God's words directly for women.

I have now done a lot of research, and would recommend "Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood" to anyone. It is an excellent and thorough academic study of what the Bible says about both being a man and being a woman and all of the controversial issues surrounding their identities in relationships, the family, and the church. This book, among MANY other resources, has been very illuminating in my search for an identity as a woman in Christ.

I really enjoy reading your blog as well and I hope to continue to learn from you. I believe it is important for women to learn from their elders about marriage, family, and walking with God as a woman. Thanks and keep up the good work! =)



I'm in my mid-20s and I have been reading your blog for the last 3 years. It all started when I moved away from my church family in starting medical school, and I was really struggling with my role as a single Christian girl in a professional world. Most of the ladies at my new church are wise loving grandmas, but sometimes I just wanted another woman's opinion about current issues. I stumbled across your blog via a link from girltalk and have been hooked ever since! I find your perspective on singleness encouraging, and your opinion on movies and books thought-provoking. Thank you for being such a faithful role model! I would just like you to continue to do what you do. :)

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