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August 05, 2009


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I've devoured much of the "Boundless" publication already. Thanks for what went into this! I may check out the guy's version just out of interest later.

That made me think, though...all these likeminded singles reading the same material, thinking the same thing....It crossed my mind to wonder if Boundless would ever consider holding a single's retreat or online meeting session (not as likely) or something.

What do you think? Has it ever been done? Discussed? Considered?


Tanya, if you live near Colorado Springs, there's a single's event on Sept. 12 (singlesrevolution.com) and Candice Watters is one of the speakers. It's not organized by Boundless, but I think it'll be along those same lines.

OK, now I realize that it's probably unlikely that you live in Colorado, so maybe that was a dumb thing to say. Or maybe it's time for a vacation! :)

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