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August 31, 2009


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Oh thank you for this- I really needed to hear this given some "communication difficulties" lately between my husband and me.


Thanks for this! I have a truly wonderful husband - married 2 months! =D But, he's going thru a difficult time, and the hints I drop or the casual comments seem to hit a wall. When we were engaged, I started doing this thing where I 'tell on him' to Jesus. And can I tell you how AMAZINGLY well this works?! By the VERY NEXT DAY - no joke - the man would be owning up, and without a word from me about it! I'd be in tears over how quickly God moves. Now that we're married, it's even more important I'm reminded of this as we adjust to a new life together. So, thanks again! May we always resort to 'telling on people to Jesus' instead of tearing them down or using other negative reinforcements. After all - we are adults, not kids. ^_^


Thank you for the very encouraging words. I've been struggling with "helping" my husband become a more godly man - but it's not my job! Only the Holy Spirit can do that work! What a clear and simple reminder that the burden is not mine to bear! Thank you!

Bill G

I love your blog, Carolyn, and once again, you are right on!

Several years ago, my wife and I went through a very strenuous time in our marriage. I will admit here and now that I was infinitely a greater jerk than I accused my wife of being in the situation, and it was tearing us apart.

My wife finally gave up trying to set me straight by arguing with me directly. She turned to prayer. She gave up trying to fix things (me) herself and spent hours telling God about it.

He changed my attitudes around in ways I could never imagine. I am a blessed man to have a wife that prays for me as she does. Ever since she started, things in our family have been better than ever!


This is just the advice I've been needing. I'm a young wife and have only been married for three years, so learning to be a virtuous woman has been one of my priorities. Lately I've seen how damaging I can be to my husband. I know I can be condescending and demanding when I think things should be done a certain way. God's been gently correcting me in this area and I am so thankful! This post was the missing piece to the puzzle!


Thanks for sharing this. As an older newcomer to courtship, faith has been the theme of my journey more than infatuation and hearing these stories encourages me to continuing building this foundation of waiting on God in faith. So few people point you in this direction and sometimes you wonder if you're being irresponsible by committing the needed growth of your husband (or potential) to God.

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