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December 07, 2009


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Naomi Elle

Thanks for making my stomach drop!!... "leaving" churches always gives me a sick feeling. So I am VERY glad you are being sent out to help with a new church plant! God bless you! :)


From a reader in DC ~ is it near a Metro stop?! My husband and I are looking for a church... Thank you! :)


You could already be an answer to prayer. My brother is one of the upscale people who live in Arlington. He is 57 years old and has rejected the Gospel message for a long time. (My sister, age 55, just got saved a few months ago after years and years of prayer, so I am hopeful for my brother as well.) I have been praying for Godly influences to break into his world. I will certainly pray. My husband and I are church planters as well and know the types of things you face. May God bless you with a great harvest of souls!

Lynne Walton

Oh wow! What an encouraging time!

I just got a job in the Fairfax area & am hoping to live in Arlington with some friends. I've been praying about going to the church plant when I move up in January and have been in contact with Eric Simmons a bit about that. I'm a member of Sovereign Grace Church in Apex, NC.
My living situation might determine which church I'd be a part of b/c of traffic and everything, but I do hope to meet you in the next few weeks!


My family is going to be part of church planting as well! My dad will be the senior pastor and we start full time planting January first. It's scary, but so exciting to see the Kingdom being grown in the least churched area in Minnesota!

Joy in RI

That is exciting! I hope you post the website when it's up and running. One of my international students will be moving down there in February.



I want to hear more testimonies like this.

I want to hear less church-plants-due-to-splits.


I am a very new believer who currently lives overseas. My family and I will likely be returning to the DC area within the year for a 6-12 month stay before returning overseas. I have been praying for God to provide a church in which my children and I can learn and grow and serve. May I invite myself to your church?

Brook (Matt5verse6)

I am so thankful for "Sovereign Grace" plants. It's so nice to be able to look up one of their churches to attend when I am traveling. :)

Carolyn McCulley

Thanks, everyone, for your interest and support! Yes, I believe we will be meeting along the Metro somewhere in Arlington. When we get a permanent facility, I will post our meeting space. When we begin public meetings, you are all welcome! More information to follow.


Wow exciting stuff. May God be with you constantly in your endeavors.

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