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December 01, 2009


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Praying, Carolyn.
As one who looks about like the picture right now, I am particularly interested.
Please let us know what happens, so we can keep praying.


Thanks for sharing this and for being an example for other Christian women to follow...we need to be more active in our communities...spreading God's love and light in a dark world. Matthew 5:14, "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." We need to be the light that dispels the darkness of abortion. The lives of precious babies are at stake.


Hi Carolyn

There's been a significant amount of research that has shown that the decision to abort is marked by a high degree of ambivalence - normal in almost all major decisions of which abortion is one. But this ambivalence should be a concern to policymakers and service providers because of the solid evidence of the potentially severe effects of abortion for women who were unsure about their decision.

It also highlights the need for women to be fully informed about abortion, its effects and all alternatives before making a decision.

Unfortunately, it would seem that certain players have financial and ideological biases that govern their service provision so that the focus isn't as much on the best outcome for a woman as much as it is on achieving their organisation's/philosophical vision.


Thanks for covering this issue.


What was the outcome of the meeting?

Carolyn McCulley

Thanks for checking in! I know they had a very large contingent of pregnancy center supporters at the initial meeting, but no decision was made on the legislation. It went into a worksession, so I'm not sure when the next steps will take place.

Melinda Clark

From MD's Right to Life website, the following amendment was approved on 1/25: The amendment removes verbal disclaimers and requires a sign to be posted similar to that in Baltimore City. The disclaimer also “encourages women who may be pregnant to consult with a licensed medical provider.” The amendment reduces the penalty and potential ligitation pregnancy resource centers could face and now only applies to those centers without a medical professional on staff for 20 or more hours a week or one that directly oversees medical services.

It sounds as though the final vote has not occurred, and Montg. Cty. residents can still appeal to city council members. Do you know whether that's true, or whether the council has already enacted this measure?

Melinda Clark :)
Executive Director
Steamboat Springs PRC
Steamboat Springs, CO

Gail Tierney, CEO of Rockville Pregnancy Clinic

The legislation to which you are referring has excluded the Rockville Pregnancy Clinic and Shady Grove Pregnancy Center because we are licensed medical clinics and perform medical services more than 20 hours/week. In fact, Rockville Pregnancy Clinic has been a licensed clinic since 1-1999.

Centro Tepeyac has sued the Montgomery County Council. A decision is pending.

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