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December 10, 2009


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Homemaker, MD

I have added an extensive post on my blog about this, after listening to the interview. As a physician who is now mostly-retired to be a homemaker while raising my kids, and having done ministry with medical students for 7 years, I have dealt with these questions many times, and would love for you to read my thoughts and comment on them. Thank you for bringing up this important topic. Sorry my answer won't fit in a comment box!

Emma Graham


Unfortunately I'm not able to listen to your discussion owing to my computer not having speakers at the mo. I'd be really interested to hear what you have to say on this topic, partly as I am a doctor and no-one as far as I can recall ever counselled me against it in terms of it affecting my marriage/family options. I've recently got married to the Christian man of my dreams and am now looking at options for part-time working and well if we're blessed with children then we'll see.

I'm 36 and do feel sure that my lifestyle while studying and training did limit my options to meet suitable men (and serve in Church) but equally I served as much as I could and met my husband doing youth ministry.

I don't know how to advise the younger women/girls I disciple as, on the one hand I do want to emphasise the high calling of a wife and mother as bibically mandated and accept that medicine isn't nescessarily the best career to promote that, but equally there are many amazing Godly women Dr's such as Helen Rosvere, and Margery Foyle whom God has used in so many ways.

I worry about what would happen if the young women don't get married- this is a question I faced a lot- and think maybe the answer is for them to try to be to the glory of God in all they do and that all skills are transferable? But like I said I'm not sure and really would love to hear your views.



Homemaker, MD
Thank you so much for your thoughts. They were insightful, informative, encouraging, and inspired.

I did not pursue medical school, but I did obtain a PhD and I currently work as a professor at a major US research university. Pursuing the role of a tenure-track, research professor presents some of the challenges and potential tradeoffs that physicians face, so I found your perspective and experiences particularly applicable to my life. I am bookmarking your blog because your perspective is (in my opinion) relatively rare among Christian women bloggers.

I do not know whether I will ever marry, though I have desired marriage and children for years. I am encouraged by the fact that I have been approached by more men (Christian men) in graduate school and at professional conferences than at any other time or place in my life -- including church.

I don't know what the future holds for me, but I know that I must remain obedient and prayerful during this season, and do my best to serve and represent Christ in my current life role.

Thank you once again for the post. I look forward to your future posts.

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