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January 26, 2010



"Maybe she was looking at me in wide-eyed horror, but I couldn't tell."

Emma Graham

Thank you Carolyn for such an interesting article and timely reminder about who I am in Christ.
Coming from the UK and being a medic myself I have to say the most shocking aspect initially was that your dermatologist was offering botox and suggesting that you "needed" it and implying that if you didn't your wrinkles were your own fault!Here botox is considered a lifestyle and cosmetic proceedure so doctors are unlikely to offer it as a routine. However your insight about aging chimes in with one of the medical profession's current concerns over here:that is the medicalisation of normal life. Wrinkles are a normal part of aging, but like so much else they appear to be another way in which we seek to try to control our lives. This can also be seen by the way in which unhappiness is being medicalised and it is assumed that one must be happy all the time. I find this trend disturbing as it denies us "normal" and sets up impossible expectations for what life should be like, ie wrinkle free, thin, happy, married, 2.4 children and what is more sets the lack of these things as a failure on our part-we didn't try hard enough. This even creeps into Christian thinking- I didn't pray hard enough/was obedient etc etc or what is worse we take on uncritically the world's position. Thank God for the bible which tells it like it is!More thank you for His grace and mercy towards us.

Emma Graham

opps my last sentence was supposed to be thank you for reminding us of His grace and mercy towards us!


I tend to agree with the timeless Tertullion. If a woman has to get up every morning and put her "face" on, it is the same as telling God that He didn't do a good enough job, so she has to get up every morning and "fix" it!


Thank you for this post, Carolyn. I recently became aware of something else to watch for in the whole anti-aging market--products manufactured with aborted fetal cells.

I read about it first in World Magazine, but here's another article that I just found on the web:

I agree with you that we must consider our choices from a broad perspective.

Kelly@Tabitha's Team

Wow - I had never considered this before! A great example of how perfectionsim doesn't just effect us in our own little world of emotions, but can lead to greater problems.


Thank you for a very insightful and timely post. It's so sad to see the magazine photos of wealthy, "famous", aging women, obviously struggling with all their might, and resources, to defy the effects of time. And, they ultimately fail. The only way we'll get a new, beautiful, glorious body, is in Christ, when we give up the one we've got.

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