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January 14, 2010



Hello again, thank you for another media suggestion to investigate. I appreciate that I was able to share my opinion here yesterday in a supportive and gracious environment. I have to say, though I do work in agribusiness, I am essentially exclusively on the Research and Development (R&D) side of things. I should be more aware of the business practices of my company, but alas, there are only so many hours in a day. However, I want to add to my comment yesterday and continue the discussion here- you have uncovered another piece of the puzzle. That, though I suggested and affirm our efforts to produce more food on less land, there is another side of the issue, that has nothing to do with science or R&D. It is the political side, which deals with things like distribution around the globe (dealing with governments and food aid), or the whole lobbying/ subsidizing of farming that goes on here and around the world. I am saddened, as a Believer, to see the good scientific work become reduced to arguments over policy, leaving people to starve while political battle lines are drawn. Agriculture is a complex and fascinating web of activities, to be sure- one reason I guess I keep working in the field!


Interesting and insightful post. It's left me pondering how one might define and monitor that line between maximizing efficiency and wealth and producing overabundance. In a competitive, profit/margin based industry that's hard to achieve.


A friend from church sent me to your site via facebook after she joined our local CSA via my facebook post. Anyhow, there are some great free podcast on iTunes on the Ethics of eating yoy might be interested in. One is Where our food comes from which can also be found here....

and one interviewing Barbara Kingsolver author of Animal Vegetable Miracle. While kingsolver believes in global warming and evolution she still has a lot of good points in both her book and this podcast on reasons for eating local food. Just thought I would share for those looking for more info.

We have switched mostly not 100% but as much as we can. And not only are our waistlines shrinking but we are actually saving money by dealing with the farmers directly and eating less food but better food. I am not a single woman but the mom of four. I am enjoying being back in the kitchen preparing meals WITH my family. It's been great and adventure as we are eating new things and quite fun

Melissa H.

HFC is just the tip of the ice berg. Ever wonder why the Mexicans have real cane sugar in their coca-cola and we have HFC in ours? It's politics.

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