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February 10, 2010



That's interesting, thanks for the post. It's hard to get decent organic chicken where we live so I'll look for the Perdue brand now.

Have you read "In Defence of Food" by Michael Pollan? I think you might enjoy it.


According to the National Safety Council's data on accidents for 2000, 565 people died from a " fall on same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling "
So, at least in that regard, chicken is safer than walking.

Carly Barnett

Just wanted to say hello and that I appreciate you, your blog, and your book and I wanted to share my blog with you :)



The movie "Food Inc." also addresses the food safety issue. This is one reason (of many) that we buy poultry (among other things) directly from small farmers.


Hmm, a lot of the problems with chicken and other meat come from how the animals are reared - in conditions that are cruel and horrible for the animals.
Swine flu arose because of how the pigs were reared.
Beats me how Christians can continue to eat meat and fish, given how God's creation is abused in the process of growing and killing it.

There's a Christian blog called notonesparrow.com, just one of the Christian voices for animals. Check out Jonathan Safran Foer's recent release Eating Animals, the book Slaughterhouse, and Peter Singer's Animal Liberation.

If you are going to keep eating meat, the least you can do is know how the animal suffered for your dinner. I'm a Christian, and I can't eat meat any longer.

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