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February 05, 2010



Well, some things you should have already had in place:

1. wood burning stove w/ a supply of wood. I miss my stove and splitting the wood to burn in it.

2. gas powered generator. Even a small one that can only run one appliance at a time can save you lots of spoiled food.

Remember that your grill can be used even in a power outage,.... just think of it like camping. :)

I've already been through one Snowpocalypse and one Snowmaggedon here in Nebraska already. :) I love the snow and winters.

One question, though. Why DVDs? If the power goes out,............. ;)


I'm one of your Northern (Canadian) readers who is laughing at all of the fuss...partly because although our Toronto winters usually bring plenty of snow and cold, I think that most of it blew South this year :)

Really though, I get through the winter storms by enjoying the awesome beauty of the snow falling, blowing around, melting on the windshield and accumulating on the tree branches.

Dealing with the cold is another matter...really, who can withstand His cold? I am so thankful for down-filled parkas and warm boots.

As for the power outages, well...enjoy the adventure of it all!


I make a lot of coffee when the power is on, amd put it in a thermos just in case the power goes out!

Carolyn McCulley

Snowmaggedon has delivered 26 inches officially to my local area and will continue to dump several more inches through tonight. I did learn one interesting shoveling tip: In heavy, wet snow, coat your shovel with Pam or some other cooking spray so that the snow doesn't stick.


I was thinking of you and hoping you are staying warm:) Last night my heater went out, and even though I bundled up, it sure was a cold night! I'm so thankful for people who know how to fix things~ like broken heaters. By God's grace:) I'll be sleeping in a warm, cozy bed this evening. I hope you are able to do the same!

Marian Martin

Hi Carolyn, I live down the road from you...about 50 miles south, and we have experienced Snowmaggedon also! What a snowstorm! We lost power for a couple of hours and it was kind of nice not to hear the hum of all the electronics. However with a two year old, it wasn't quiet too long!! Thank you so much for your encouraging site...I'm a devoted reader just never commented! Stay warm and enjoy God's beauty.


Best wishes as you survive the snow storm and possible power outages. Praying for you.

~ Christiana ~


Nice list. I was less bothered and here's what I was able to salvage off as a meal then http://desigrub.com/2010/02/pizza-food-of-an-indignant-in-a-snowstorm/

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