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April 19, 2010



I am a tax accountant, and I work for a very large accounting firm, so twice a year I work crazy hours (60-80 per week) for about 6 weeks. During that time, I do my best to come to singles events at my church, but am usually very zombie-like. If you asked me what would serve me, I wouldn't even have the brain energy to think of anything.

My friend Jen took it upon herself to offer to go grocery shopping for me. This is one of a few things (groceries, laundry, cooking, cleaning) that are very difficult to accomplish when you have no time at home other than sleeping. So I gave her money & a list, and she went out and shopped for me! I wasn't even there to thank her when she came over with them, because I was working. So my roommate let her in and she even unpacked everything and put it away. I came home from work to find my cupboards and fridge stocked with food!

I was so blessed by this, and I was reminded that it's almost always better to think of something that someone needs and then offer it, rather than asking them what you can do to help. See this great related CCEF article.

Donna Ascol

There are so many blessings, but one is really fresh in my mind...last week while Tom was at T4G, I was feeling a bit under-the-weather. A kind brother and deacon in our church called me that morning and said that his family was providing supper for us!! Later that day, he arrived with one of the yummiest meals the kids and I have ever eaten. As I tried to thank him, he said, "I am just doing what I enjoy!" as if HE was the one who had received the blessing. So, here is my shout-out to Donald Johnson and his sweet wife, Teresa and their precious children! May God return the blessing ten-fold.


I'd like to post a shout out to YOU! I was at Cornerstone's women's conference and was SO BLESSED by everything you shared with us!!! I cannot tell you what a blessing you were to all of us--I keep hearing people from church go on and on about the conference!


My 78 yr. old mother, a recent immigrant from the UK lving right next door to us, broke a vertebrae. It was right in the middle of a tense time with one of our sons...tense is mild word for what's been going on...and my wonderful sister put herself on a plane from Florida and came for TWO WEEKS to look after mom - and all of us. WHAT a gift of God's marvellous grace.

Lisa writes...

A real delight: my friend sent home (via my son) some of the chocolate dessert she made for their community group because she knows of my love for all things dark and chocolate. In other words, chocolate from a friend = delight!


I was recently at T4G where the idea of 7,000 people coming together in the name of Christ had be in awe. On top of that, every single one of my favorite authors (including my own Pastor) was speaking or was a break out speaker. As a Christian of only two years, wide-eyed and hardly being able to contain myself, what struck me the most was the transparency, honesty, humility and emotion of the men that led that conference. I was so touched and filled with praise to God that biblical scholars and theologians of that magnitude can still say things like, "I must have preached on that a hundred times and I never looked at it that way." or to see them shed tears over what Christ has done. Even after so many years, they have not lost the wonder of the Cross. For that I am deeply grateful to God and I encourage anyone out there to continue to flesh out Christ's love and show people that God's Word is living and active now and eternally and no matter what stage of your walk you are in, He is alive and He reigns!


I recently had a costly home upkeep expense. Then, a few weeks later, my garbage disposal developed holes in the side. When water went down the kitchen drain it would spray out the side of the disposal into the cabinet under the sink. A friend found out I was going to call a repairman to install a new disposal. My friend insisted on doing it. I bought the disposal and he installed it for me. He saved me money and time as I didn't have to take off work for the repairman to come. This generosity was a huge blessing to me. I thank the Lord for Christian friends who care.


hi there, my name is amy and I've followed the blog for a while. thank you for writing! I'm a single lady serving in south africa, and I'm so thankful for all my gracious supporters who sow into the ministry so I can keep doing the work God has called me to do.

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