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May 05, 2010



Great review and thanks for pointing out how different centers can be. Centers often have varying support models for their clients as well. Some follow a referral model (which can be relationally weaker) and others follow more of a mentorship approach (which I believe to be stronger). Also, many effective centers focus on helping the client develop a support network outside of the center - through church and community resources. Often these faithful efforts are not recognized as help because they are outside of the center.

Leslie Bowden Nack

Thank you for the information Carolyn. I hope to find a way to see the film. As the director of a pregnancy resource center, I appreciate your efforts to educate the filmmakers and others about your positive experiences. People on both sides of this issue can become very narrowly focused and refuse to listen to anyone with a varying opinion. Kudos to those you spoke to for listening.

Allura Lightfoot

Carolyn, thank you so much for posting this review. I look forward to seeing the screening, as well. I've been a sidewalk counselor for over 7 years in front of an abortion business in Orlando which kills babies throughout the entire pregnancy. Regarding the comment that all the promised help evaporates for the pregnant woman...sadly, I've seen that happen before, but we are blessed in orlando to work closely with several midwives (whose fees are half that of a doctor who delivers in a hospital), as well as cpc's who work heroically to help moms in unplanned pregnancies. Also, sidewalk counselors are asked often by aborting women and men, "Are you going to pay my bills? Are you going to take care of my baby?" Our response is that we'll do everything we can to help them. However, if you see a man beating his wife, wouldn't you try to stop him, even if you couldn't take his wife into your home to live with you?
God bless you, Carolyn, for raising awareness about the unnecessary tragedy of baby-killing in our country.


Thanks for this.

Jessica Finley

EVEN abortion doctors. Wow, how enlightened of you. I sincerely hope I that I am misinterpreting the meaning of this closing statement, but it sounds so hateful and close-minded.

Although I disagree with you on almost every point you make in this post, I am still willing to hear you out as woman that has worked in a clinic with pregnant women trying to make a difficult decision. However, this last comment makes me think your entire argument is simply filler for a much deeper resentment and neutrality toward violence against physicians choosing to perform abortions.

Carolyn McCulley

Jessica, thanks for reading my review and for posting a comment. I appreciate your feedback and for giving me the opportunity to clarify myself.

Yes, I think you are misinterpreting my closing statement. I am saying that I and others in the pro-life camp should not endorse or justify the murder of abortion doctors. Perhaps my long-winded sentence made it hard to understand that. Though I believe these doctors have a shared responsibility for the death of hundreds of (or more) innocent lives, that does not mean violence toward these doctors is permissible.

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