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June 11, 2010


Laura Droege


Very few things anger me as much as the sexual oppression, slavery and abuse directed toward girls/women on the basis of their gender. I cannot in good conscience stand by and NOT intervene on their behalf in some way; non-intervention does not give glory to God, does not direct others to him, and doesn't make Christ appealing to others. And how can an enslaved woman believe that Christ values her when Christians DON'T value her?

And I agree, I can't just "do" things to make me look like a good person and advance my good reputation. I have to openly acknowledge that Christ is the reason I am doing these things, and openly share my faith with those I am helping.

Excellent post.



I follow your discussion of global women's issues with respect and interest. However, I do believe that women in North America also need to be defended. This is not just about women in Africa. We need to stand up for women being treated as equals in North America also. We need to be grateful that women are equal in law even if we are not equal in a Christian marriage. At least, women are protected by laws which accept women as equals.

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