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June 16, 2010



I tend to read blogs through RSS more than I use Facebook or Twitter. On a typical day, I might give Facebook and Twitter just a glance and read maybe one or two blog posts. On the weekends I catch up a bit on the blogs I like to read, but I've been trying to limit my social media consumption to a manageable level that doesn't consume a lot of time.


I am new to your blog and have recommended it on my Facebook page. I receive your updates on an RSS feed (I think)- if that's what feeds your updates to my blog. I am new at all of this. Anyway, I enjoy your posts and perspective. I too have been spending too much time perusing my favorite blogs and am trying to cut back in order to actually do some in-depth reading of articles in periodicals and books.

Linda Trumbo

I have my favorite blogs saved in the toolbar and have a weekly rotation for checking them after checking e-mail. Facebook occasionally alerts me to new posts, but usually I just check directly. I do follow facebook for news articles and such.


I use Bloglines.


I like to go to the site directly, so I have my devotionals all under a folder in my Bookmarks. RSS has let me down a few too many times, & sometimes I don't get to see the pictures, which I like. I don't like Twitter, and I just signed up to Facebook, & I'm not fond of it, honestly. I prefer email & real conversations in person! I love reading physical books, etc. because it's just more, for lack of better word, real & personal & homey-feeling. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned Gen-Xer. Hope this helps with your decisions.


I would definitely advise you to use twitter. You may find you will have more readers. I read your blog through an RSS reader (google) It works for me! I don't use FB to follow blogs. I like to keep up with friends there only.


I bookmark the links to my favorite blogs and web pages and check them about once a week. After the first month, I stopped checking Twitter, and I prefer to use Facebook to keep up with friends, not businesses. I'd rather read longer articles and blog posts than getting short bits of random information.

Susan Fleming

I like to get email notifications. I have had only hit and miss success with RSS - can't understand why it just quits sometimes. And then, I have a list that I rotate through. A list, I might add, that is getting longer! So many blogs, so little time!

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