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July 07, 2010


Jen C.

Thanks so much for highlighting this article. It is spot-on at identifying how much we moms struggle with guilt. I hadn't quite realized how much, but it is my constant companion. And, I am learning to turn to the gospel to help me battle this false guilt. It is so true-this is a form of pride, because I really do want people to think I'm super-mom, with a clean house, clean, obedient, happy children, dinner in the oven, and a happy, perfect marriage. Oh Lord, slay my pride!


I want to comment on this post and also the 'Counsel for Single Parents'.

I have found from my own experiences that I am much more judgmental of my own children than other's children. So, don't worry (feel guilty) about having 'perfect children'. They (as we all are) are responsible for their own sins. We can give them guidance, but it is up to them whether or not they follow our instruction.

As a single dad, I know that my kids aren't perfect, but have always had people cmopliment me on how well behaved the young men (10 & 15) are that I'm raising. You do the best the you can with what you're given/got, and let the Lord handle the rest.

As a man, I don't feel the "motherly guilt" so much, but pride in not asking for help (asking for directions, anyone? :) ) comes in to play. I've had to ask for help for some things. I guess, thankfully, I am not raising any daughters alone. :)

Blessings to all of the single parents out there. We all have been given a difficult task. But remember, God never gives us anything we can't handle......

Bethany in mid-MO

I found you today through Adrian Warnock's links page. I appreciate this post!

Bethany (a young mother of 5) in mid-MO


WOW! I really needed to read this today. There is no such thing as false guilt. I used to tell myself that there was false guilt, and I needed to get over myself. But, I learned that guilt is there for a reason, but it is misplaced guilt. It is guilt that needs to be, like the author stated, brought before the throne of God and dealt with.

Is there unconfessed sin in my life? Is the guilt I'm feeling about the issue or about the fact that I am really sinning (pride) by feeling guilty for putting too much emphasis on carnal things (house isn't perfect enough, I still have baby fat to lose, yard needs fixing, haven't been to bible study in forever it seems..the guilt just kept coming...LIES)? This season of motherhood for me is so critical: and the battle is being won on my knees with brokenness.

I prayed for years for a child. And when the Lord blessed me with a child, and I became a long-awaited stay-at-home mom after years of being an accomplished school teacher, I became depressed and terrified, gripped by guilt for hating my baby (selfishness) and being thrown into uncharted waters. I thought "my life" was gone. But, he was resurrecting me!

God was in my darkest hour and poured forth His mercy and grace via His word; daily repentance and seeking His strength at every waking hour became my only sanity. And then one day I looked up and had His word in my heart and a smile on my face for choosing joy in motherhood.

The world world would call it "postpartum." The Bible calls it sin, and He saved me out of my miry pit and put my feet upon a rock! Thank you again for this WONDERFUL article. Very needed for this young mother and surely for others. Well done!

Because of Christ,

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