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July 26, 2010


Sharon Hodde Miller

This is a very interesting interview! It makes me wonder if there should be a distinction made between intimidating another person (as an aggressive action) versus being perceived as intimidating (as a projection of another person's insecurities). The reason I wonder about this distinction is that I can see a very real difference between the two in my own marriage--There are times when I push my husband and intimidate him to get my way (clear sin on my part), but he is not at all intimidated by my education or achievements, an aspect of myself that can be/has been intimidating to others.

I think this distinction is an important one--While it is certainly important for women to have quiet and gentle spirits, it's also important that a lack of security in God is not ignored by projecting blame onto another person. Whenever we feel intimidated by someone, we must ask ourselves where that fear is coming from, and whether it is from the person's aggressiveness, or from an area of our own lives that is not standing confidently on Christ.

Carolyn, any thoughts on that?

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