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July 01, 2010



Thanks for this post - Im a single mum thru adopting my son, and today we had a discussion about the absence of a father in our home, but I have always taught him that he has the most perfect Father in heaven. Today he gave me the convincing answer that God was his Father and He was in heaven. He doesnt act like he is lacking, he accepts it the way it is. I think that has to do with the fact that he has been taught that God is his Father, but also that I state it so confidently (even though I do struggle with parenting alone and him being earthly fatherless) and so he believes me and doesnt look back. I really love your first points - we do live in a broken world and we need to do the best we can in all circumstances.
Thanks for this post - I truly appreciate it

Laura Droege

Thank you! I'm not a single mom, but as I've read Christian parenting books, etc., I've sometimes gotten the feeling that Christians assume that children brought up in a single parent home are all going to end up as deeply troubled, wandering-from-the-faith types. Along with that comes a bit of snobbishness/prejudice/arrogance of the married Christians toward the single and divorced Christians. But, as you have rightly pointed out, we all live in less-that-perfect circumstances because we are sinners in a fallen world. It is only because of God's grace that we can face difficult circumstances (such as single parenthood) and know for certain that God is on our side.


My girls and I are blessed to have my husband, but I do know several single mothers. This post is very helpful for women in families like me because it's a good reminder to look over Rhonda's list of experiences and see if there is something we can offer to do with our single parent friends. Several of those experiences seem normal to intact families, but they obviously meant so much to Rhonda as a single mother.

Thanks, Rhonda and Carolyn!

Linda Trumbo

Such wise words! and not just for single moms. The foundation is sure - Christ is the author and finisher of our salvation. All parents need to heed this admonition to point our children to Christ first, then reach out to live graciously and honestly in the body of believers around us. Thank you, Rhonda!

Jennifer Newby

This was wonderfully helpful! Thank you for speaking the truth, for all of us as parents need these reminders, whether single parents or not. I have a wonderful friend that I am so thankful for, who is a single mom, and our girls are the same age. This gives me a great vision for how we can better serve her, and be aware of God's heart for his church. Thank you!!!

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