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July 09, 2010


allyson watt

my aunt makes a variation of the caprese dish using mango instead of tomato (obviously a big change). she lays out a thick slice of mozzarella cheese with a basil leaf and a slice of mango. i don't think it's even dressed with anything. it's always a hit.


Right now I am sipping on a "virgin" version of a mimosa: orange juice mixed with Sprite. Very refreshing in this heat! You can use whatever juice you want, too, and add a little variety. Yum!


Wow. I love the vanilla in the sugar idea. I don't typically like artificially flavored vanilla things, but this sounds great. Thank you!


I serve in India, and we are in the midst of mango season. I have a mango smoothie each day, sometimes with banana or other fruits as available. With temps over 100 each day, it is a wonderful cool blessing.


For an easy slaw, I use shredded cabbage slaw mix, Trader Joe's poppy seed dressing, and Craisins.

I love your salad idea. I'm growing dill in a pot from a seed card on the Triscuits box, so I could use fresh dill in place of dried.


I recommend making a yummy Greek salad with tomatoes, cuc, green pepper, olives, feta cheese...and perhaps some spices. No olive oil necessarily required.

Also oven roasted veggie wrap - zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, garlic, peppers (fave colours) - tossed with a bit of olive oil, S&P in oven at 425C for 15 mins (or on a grill if you have the luxury). Serve inside a tortilla with cheese (feta recommended) and fresh mint! :) Mmmm


We put a little cinnamon in our ground coffee before it goes through the coffee machine! This is a little more of a "fall" taste but it is also a good alternative to creamer!

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