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August 03, 2010



WOW!!! That is soo encouraging and refreshing, sadly, in todays culture we just dont hear this enough! Everyone is sad, and searching for more when the answer(JESUS and HIS GRACE) is right in front of them!!!
Thanks for Posting

Jennifer Newby

Thank you Carolyn for posting this story! This girl is truely full of joy in the Lord, as I've been so blessed to interact with her at our church. The boys she has cared for, are truely filled with joy as well, it has been such a blessing to witness. And encouraging to see God's provision to this family after their mother's death, also a friend of mine. God is so glorified through this story!


Thank you for sharing this! The boys' mother was my best friend. It makes my heart so happy to not only read Emily's words that reveal so much love and care for the boys, but it's refreshing to also hear her story about all that she's given up to serve this family--and how God has blessed her with joy as she's followed His calling. I didn't know about all that (I no longer live nearby).

I'm so grateful for Emily...


Wow! What an amazing testimony! God is so good, what a blessing He has granted these dear children!


The love I have for Emily and her selfless character in taking a friends children and raising them just astounds me. I can't stop crying because I know the love in her heart for these kids is something that I want very much!

My mom was killed in a car accident when I was 4 and I know that my dad loves me very much, but he can never be my mom. If he were to remarry, that woman would never be my mom but hopefully, she would have the same love that Emily has.

This has been my prayer for the last couple years!


I came across your blog in a google search. I must say the Lord has brought to you awe inspiring stories to share and edify those who would have never known other wise. That is deffinately "One" for the blessings of technology. May He continue to use you to share His victorious stories.
In Christ Jesus,


My only question is where are the childrens' father? Emily says she homeschools and cares for them 40+ hours/week, does that not undermine the role of the childrens' father? Or did I miss something?

Carolyn McCulley

Emily has been functioning like a nanny while the father continues to work. Hope that's helpful to know!

Mary Jo May

To Liz,
Their father is the best dad I have ever come in contact with. He is amazing with them, and I am so grateful Emily had such an obedience to God to help with Mason and Evan.

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