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August 18, 2010


Mike K

Good for you brother. So pleased you did this for your sisters and mine. They are the apple of God's eye and we should treat them as such!

Mary Ann

Sweet. What a great idea!

Jill Brickey

As one of the girls who got to attend the invitation-only luncheon, one of the best parts about it was the handwritten invitation! All of us were impressed with the thought the guys put into making every detail special for us. We truly are blessed to have such loving brothers who wanted to care for us and provide time for our souls to be specifically encouraged with more time with Carolyn. It was a treat! Though this luncheon was a special occasion, we are regularly treated to the loving care of our brothers in Christ. We greatly appreciate the lengths these guys go to for us!!!

Laura Droege

I love this post. What thoughtful men. Reading it goes a long way towards dispelling the idea that men treat women kindly only as a means to an end (whether that's sex or a date or whatever). These guys know how to treat their sisters in Christ with respect and love. I hope this is an encouragement to other Christian singles: men, to treat their sisters with kindness, love & respect; women, to know that there ARE men who will love them.


wow..I'm touched.
a little piece of heaven on earth. =)

Stephanie A.

What a godly display of brothers esteeming their sisters in Christ!

In a world where this is sadly uncommon, thank you guys for your example.


As a girl who has been on the receiving end of such a blessing from a group of the single brothers at our church, it is such an encouragement to be blessed by men of God. I also want to encourage these men, as a lot of those single brothers who held that evening to honor us girls are now married...so not only do we girls appreciate it..but Heaven takes notice :)

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