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September 07, 2010


Brook (Matt5verse6)

I am thankful for this fantastic post! I hope you don't mind I have linked to it.

Kindest regards,


Such a good reminder. A few months back, I was the unfortunate victim of one of those misguided comments (which, actually, wasn't even meant to be a comfort) but I learned that sometimes, the best thing to do is just be there. Words aren't always necessary, at least, not right away. Some people just need a hand to hold or a comforting expression--words can wait for the moment. Thanks for sharing this--we can all learn from it.

Laura Droege

Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes I have been confronted with a grieving person and not known what to say; it's worth remembering and applying the truth that sometimes I don't need to say anything, just listen, hold them, pray for their endurance. That's what one friend did for me during an incredibly dark time in my life: just listened, then prayed for me (right then and afterward) and shared some of his story of dealing with a similiar issue. It was incredibly comforting and I know God used him to comfort me that night.

Dee@ Prayer Shawl

Hello Carolyn, I came across your site through another blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this post and I look forward to reading more on your site later this evening.

This site is truely a blessing. I will be adding a like to your site as a resource for women.


I definitely relate to the needing to grow in graciousness bit. Never is it so clear that people are selfish and speak from their own experience and don't really know how to listen as those times when you desperate want someone to just hear you and they can't because they are too intent on helping you.

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