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October 18, 2010


Bethany Grover

Never underestimate your influence as an aunt! My mom's youngest sister really had a vision for me and my brothers. When she was a missionary, she sent us pics of the kids and sugarcane. When she worked in Trenton, she had us visit her and "help" take the inner city kids on a field trip. When she worked for Wycliffe in Dallas, she let me visit her and set up little interviews with retired missionaries. All that was interspersed with fun events and activities, special birthday celebrations, etc that my mom simply didn't have time to do.

The end result was not just that we caught her passion for missions, but we also had lots of great talks together about all sorts of things (church, relationships, Bible study, etc). It meant so much to us that she talked to us about grown up ideas.

So be encouraged, and keep blessing your nieces with special visits and teaching. They won't forget!

Elaine Shutt

I love Abigail's question! I've realized recently that most of the time when young women say they can't get together, the reason behind it is they can't meet in restaurants for financial reasons or because their children need a place to play. My mentor opens her home once a week to all the ladies in our small group (married, single, with/without kids). The conversations that take place could never happen in a public place.


What a blessing to your nieces! I was challenged to begin to pray for a select group of younger women on a weekly basis and try to have some get-togethers in my home for them.


I agree. It was my AUNT who displayed Christ to me. My mom isn't a believer and so whenever I spent the night over my cousin's house, I KNEW we were going to church that Sunday. I remember so clearly how my aunt had gospel music on as she prepared my cousin and I for church. I never had a Sunday dress and I would wear my cousin's. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because God used her to plant a seed that I NEVER knew was planted until the day I accepted Him as my Savior and Lord.



I prefer to discuss with girls different issues (instead of direct teaching that might be not clear for them), so they can think deeper.

For example, questioning them "Why purity is important for women? What happens if a girl does not care about being pure? How purity can benefit a woman?" Questions will stay in their minds and girls will be interested in searching the answers.

Ashley Acosta

This reminds me of what you mentioned tonight at Monte Vista Chapel about developing the Proverbs 31 traits while we wait. One of the things that brings me joy amidst many friends who are marrying is to remind myself of just that, "I'm in training, and praise God, He's allowed me to work out all the kinks while I'm single." I only wish, as you mentioned above, that I had started cultivating these traits and a pure frame of mind much earlier in my life. Even though I was raised according to the "wait for marriage" mantra, when hormones hit hard during my teens, I was not spiritually ready to handle the temptations or consequences that followed. I think as Katerina commented, discussing WHY these issues are so important and cultivating that mindset in young girls early on will make the path towards purity a much straighter and less painful one.

And I just have to say what a blessing Session 1 was tonight--more than worth the 2 hour drive. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow and the coming weeks as I read through your books. Thank you for your timely blessing. Much love from your sister in Christ.


I don't know how to say this any differently. I think I can see why your "hope has been deferred." God seems to be using you in a mighty way. It may be mightier than he might have been able to if your hope was realized. It's just a feeling I keep getting.
I read your postings and every time I have concluded the same thing. You have a very positive influence on me and I am over forty.
Keep it up and may God continue to bless you as he works in people's lives through you.

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