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October 04, 2010



HI Carolyn,
I agree that with your article above and the stats, but I would love to see more recognition of abortion not destroying one life but 2 or 3 (as in mother and father of baby). Yes I believe that mothers and fathers make that choice but I also think and believe that the result of this horrible act on the rest of physical and emotional life of mother is under rated.
I know this is not the gist of your article, so if you dont post this I am not offended.



Dear Caroline,
Thanks for your post. I was not aware of the Nobel Prize winners for this year. Your thoughtful comments and insights are very much appreciated. You are wonderful at turning our attention to the big picture and putting things in context. Thank you for being an advocate for women's maternal issues around the world and a voice for the unborn child. May God richly bless your efforts.


As I read your post, I realized that we as a society can look at our past and see it as barbaric; but we can be blind to our contemporary barbarism. Thanks for trying to open our eyes.

claudia wiediger

Very good article Carolyn, thanks for your thoughts. I especially like your summary at the end.

With appreciation
Claudia Wiediger



I'd like your readers to know of another option. Parents who have "leftover" embryos can choose to give those babies up for adoption. Check out the National Embryo Donation Center website (www.embryodonation.org). My husband and I, after finding out we couldn't have more biological children without in vitro, have chosen this route. We've adopted 3 embryos that another couple graciously donated. We find out in a few weeks if our transfer was/is successful.

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