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November 22, 2010


Jacqueline Bay

LOVE this....great challenge to continue having people in....investing in the Kingdom of God...one person at a time.


when drilling or screwing remember- righty tighty, lefty loosey. If you're screwing something in, you always go clockwise (to the right). When getting something out or loose, you screw it to the left.

Tracy Atcheson

Two very good books to recomend: Andy Stanley's The Grace of God and Max Lucados's Out Live Your Life. Thanks for all the books your recommend for spiritual education and edification.

Natalie Jones

Was this sermon posted on-line somewhere? I'd like to listen to it. I'm especially interested in that evangelism quote you shared about the kitchen table being key to outreach. Thanks for letting me know!

Carolyn McCulley

Yes, Natalie. Thanks for asking. You can find Eric's November 21 sermon online at http://redeemerarlington.posterous.com/.

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