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November 04, 2010



Thank you for sharing what may seem so obvious to you. I appreciated it.

Liz, UK


"Purposeful" is the key here. Thanks for bringing the gospel into even the most basic of day-to-day tasks: choosing our living space!

Tracy Atcheson

I think hospitality and loving your neighbor are tightly intertwined. I have hosted women's Bible study groups in my home often serving dinner before the study. Thus providing that wonderful "aroma" so to speak of good conversation before Bible study.

When I taught English as a Second Lanaguage as a volunteer, I invited 30 + students in the program and their families to my home for a cookout. It was such fun when just after everyone had finished eating outside. It began to sprinkle rain and 30 or so adults and children were scrunched together in my 970 sq ft home.

Then two weeks later, I invited all the neighbors on my culdesac for a cookout too.

Though the groups were very different, the fellowship was wonderful and new levels of friendship were established.

Please don't allow the size of your home to be a deterent from hospitality. Think and act creatively.

Congrats on the new home, Carolyn. May Jesus be the unseen guest at your table and in your hospitality adventures.

Strong Man

The last time we moved into a new area, we made cookies and delivered them to our neighbors with a note that had our names and phone numbers on it. Everyone was so welcoming, appreciated the kindness and it was nice to get to know them. After that, it was easier to invite them to other gatherings.

One caution on being too goal-oriented. You can enjoy and learn from lots of different people--even if they never become involved in your church. Especially your neighbors.

By the way--I appreciate your celebration of femininity and biblical womanhood. I've added a link to your site on my blog.

I talk mostly about the similarly radical idea of biblical manhood.


This season we're making soup and fresh bread. We were thinking about cookies but we have some older neighbors or neighbors that struggle with their health. Hopefully some good homemade vegetable soup will make their stomachs warm this winter!


I'm always so surprised when I hear people refer to dining rooms as "wasted space." We had one in our old house, and I miss it terribly.


My husband and I have hosted "Game nights" on some Friday nights. I prefer opening our home to our neighbors in an
effort to get to know them rather than going to a restaurant.
We ask our neighbors to bring an appetizer, we provide the drinks and games. We have so much fun.

Also, like you I wave to my neighbors when driving and have found they wave back. Also when getting the mail or newspaper I take a minute or two to say hello and catch up if time allows. Sometimes on Friday mornings ( I work part time)
I ask some of the other wives & mothers to come over for coffee and usually some time of sweet like a coffee cake. We just sit and catch up with each other & neighborhood happenings. I don't have children but some of the neighbors have an alternative Halloween, and they provide a "hay ride" through the neighborhood, which I think is a great idea but it builds memories for the kids.

Christina Page

Thanks for the encouraging reminder. I've been learning in the past few years not to use my "single status" as an excuse to avoid hospitality. I'm enjoying learning to use my home as a place to build meaningful relationships.
One challenge is finding ways to include families- especially living in a small space, and am looking for ways to include families with children more in my relational circle.

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