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December 02, 2010



What a neat idea! If my kids were older, I would totally do this! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

sheila streicher

Carolyn, thanks for info on this. I had not heard of this organization yet.

This year, I already gave a similar Christmas gift to several friends through World Vision. They offer microfinance loans and you can follow the progress of each entrepreneur.

honey lambert

I think this is a great charity! I would consider giving to it, but not in someone else's name.

This is a better idea than some that have given money in my name to charities in the past. At least you get to be involved somehow and that would be fun knowing that you have effected another's life in some small way.

However, I prefer to give gifts that will bless the person I'm giving to. I'm not saying the nieces and nephews won't be blessed by this because I don't know them, but I know that when someone else gives money to charity in my name it makes me feel that maybe they don't think I'm charitable enough to give myself. If they want to give money to a charity, then do it, but don't attach my name to it. I know my Dad would be furious if I gave money to a conservative charity in his name! LOL!

When I give to charity, I often just give anonymously because it truly is the gift that means more than the giver in that case. To me, giving in someone elses name (unless it is in memory of another person), is kind of "forcing" them to be charitable, no matter how worthy the cause might be unless it is a charity that you know they are already ardently supporting.

At any rate, have a wonderful holiday and I hope you don't mind me looking at this from a different perspective. If you don'tpost my reply, I won't be offended.

Ceciliah Kerebi Ongweny

This is a wonderful idea; iam a lady from Kenya and am a banker and i know how money affects development especially when credit scoring is done for the rural folk.Keep it up guys and please if theres any other way of helping out and impacting another person's life...do not hesitate to let me know.Thank you so much for you efforts-be blessed!

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