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January 17, 2011



sounds interesting! i really hope to watch this this week. thanks for the link!


Thank you for posting this...I look forward to watching it!


"The articulate black man in this film is radical activist Ernie Chambers, who went on to graduate from law school..."

Fascinating. Just wondering though, were any of the white men in this film "articulate" as well? Or is this distinction made soley because Mr. Chambers is indeed black. Nevermind. I know this answer.

Carolyn McCulley

Lisbeth, thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify myself. Because of the cinema verite structure of this film, viewers didn't have the luxury of news-style graphics (lower thirds) with names and titles, and thus names were harder to connect. Therefore, I deliberately chose the adjective of "articulate" because Ernie stood out in this capacity in the film. Its narrative structure was propelled along by his comments as he raised the stakes in his arguments -- much more so than even the black pastors or high school students.

In fact, I would argue that he was the most articulate character in the film. Pastor Bill Youngdahl was an empathetic and searching character, but even he was not as expressive as Ernie. And certainly those who opposed Pastor Bill's agenda were quite inarticulate with their simple pleas to "not rush change" and the like. They were unable to raise credible ideas as to why change shouldn't happen.

In a film that was driven mostly by dialogue, calling Ernie Chambers "articulate" was a compliment to his contributions -- not a commentary on his ethnicity.

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